Offshore Investments – Easy Access to International Markets in your Hands

19 Feb

Marina fisherman history - offshore investmentsSouth Africa coat of armsPSG Online brings you offshore investments that give you access to international markets through our online trading platform. You will be able to invest offshore in stocks in real-time on 25 major international stock exchanges with our online International Trading Desk.

You will have the freedom to invest offshore on the New York Stock Exchange or the London Stock Exchange or any of the other major international exchanges utilising your own foreign investment allowance or through our Asset Swop Facility. This gives you complete control over a unique offshore portfolio with two distinct options. You can use your own funds transferred with Reserve Bank approval or you can use local Rand to invest offshore through our Asset Swop Facility.

We put easy access to international markets in your hands, allowing you to construct a portfolio of shares or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to capitalise on offshore investment opportunities. If you do not know how to invest offshore and are not comfortable with making all the offshore investment decisions on your own, we can match your requirements to a PSG Konsult financial advisor who will be able to manage a portfolio of offshore investments on your behalf.

You will receive an offshore investment trading account with the same flexibility and benefits as a local portfolio that is available through a simple online registration process. If you are an existing PSG Online client you will not need to reregister your FICA documents. You can manage your offshore investment account on your local share trading platform, combining easy access to your local and offshore investment accounts – and your derivative and currency trading accounts. The PSG stock trading platform gives you the most comprehensive online access to your portfolio in South Africa.


  • Invest offshore in foreign equities on all the major international stock exchanges.
  • Receive assistance on how to make use of your R4 million foreign investment allowance.
  • Gain exposure to your hand-picked portfolio of blue chip foreign stocks using our Asset-Swop Capacity.
  • Place your orders through our website and trade in real-time as international markets open and close throughout the world.
  • View one consolidated multi-currency statement for your portfolio of foreign stocks and ETFs, despite being listed on different markets.
  • Maximise your wealth without being limited by your foreign investment allowance.
  • Invest offshore in foreign stocks via your SA Trust or company.
  • Have your offshore portfolio managed by a team of advisors and expert analysts.

If you are interested in offshore investing, you can complete the simple online registration process.

  • STEP ONE: Register online for an offshore investment account and PSG Online web profile.
  • STEP TWO: Provide us with your FICA details and deposit funds into your account if you are new to PSG Online. We will open your offshore investment account within 48 hours of receipt of your FICA documents.
  • STEP THREE: Login to your account. You will use the same username and password chosen when you registered for your web profile in Step One.
  • STEP FOUR: Purchase your offshore investments in your investment plan from the New Order screen and our website will execute your offshore orders to international markets.

If you need assistance in obtaining tax clearance approval to access your foreign investment allowance, we will assist you at a nominal once off fee.

A brokerage fee of 1% which is subject to minimums applies to all offshore trades. Visit our stockbroking site for more detail on our offshore trading fees.

We are always open to negotiate a better brokerage deal for larger or more frequent traders.

Minimum offshore Investment requirement: We require £5,000.00 as an initial investment for a direct offshore portfolio and R100, 000.00 for an asset swop portfolio.

PSG Online can assist you to transfer money offshore – including taking care of the various legal structures and Reserve Bank requirements.

Register to start investing offshore or if you don’t how to invest offshore contact a PSG Konsult financial advisor to manage your offshore investments portfolio on your behalf.



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