How One Company is Changing the Way People Invest in Their Future

23 Jan
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NEW YORK, New York – (January 23, 2017) – According to Gallup, people are not investing in stocks nearly as much as they used to. In fact, they report that today only half of middle-income families have money invested in the stock market, compared to 75 percent of them in 2007. When people are asked why they are not investing in stocks, many of them cite that they don’t understand the stock market, and others feel that stock investments are too risky. One company, Defined Value Diamonds, is helping to change the way people invest in their future, by simplifying the process and taking the guesswork of the stock market out of the equation.

“We’ve been in the diamond industry for decades and have earned a stellar reputation,” explains Sean Cohen, president of Van Zwam, the creator of Defined Value Diamonds (DVDs). “We know what a solid investment diamonds are, and we have developed a simple, safe investment opportunity that everyone can take advantage of. And it is a tangible asset that investors can actually hold in their hands.”

This asset opportunity allows people to buy high quality investment-grade diamonds set in an elegant lightweight stainless steel and glass display disc. Investors choose the size and value of the diamond(s) they want to invest in, ranging from 1/3 carat to 3 carats each, with each disc holding from 1-3 diamonds. The discs, which range in price from $1,000 to over $500,000, enable people with a discreet way to invest and retain wealth. Each DVD diamond is GIA certified and comes with a grading report identifying its value characteristics, and its Gemprint ID, the unique fingerprint for that diamond.

Some additional reasons people are turning to investing in DVD diamonds include:

  • The value of the DVDs is completely trackable. Owners can get their diamonds up-to-date value by calling a toll-free number and providing the serial number on their DVD disc.
  • Diamonds are a unique tangible asset, and they are also indestructible. Those who have lost trust in stock markets and banks won’t have to worry about losing their investment in diamonds.
  • Diversifying investments is always the smart route to take, and investing in diamonds is a great way to diversify.
  • With the advent of Defined Value Diamonds, diamonds have become a stable, purchasable, tangible asset that is easy to buy, value, and resell. And on average, diamonds of DVD quality have seen 5 percent growth per annum.

“Investing in diamonds offers a low risk option for those who want to protect their wealth, yet still see growth, because DVD quality diamonds are stable and likely to grow consistently. And they are easily salable and liquid globally,” added Cohen. “We are seeing great results because people see the simplicity in it and it just makes good investing sense. People may have lost their trust in banks and the stock market in general, but the diamond remains a great option for all investors.”

Many of the DVD customers purchase them to give as trusts, heirlooms, and gifts to their spouse, children and grandchildren. DVDs makes for an unparalleled gift, because giving the gift of a diamond investment, not only brings them joy, but will provide them with a secure investment for many years to come.

“Beautifully cut, high quality diamonds displayed in our finely crafted case are a sight to behold. They are a constant reminder of who gave the gift. And gift of investment diamonds help diversify the recipients investments, or helps them get started in investing,” explains Sean Cohen.

All DVD diamonds are conflict free and inspected to meet a higher standard of quality than the GIA standards, and each one comes with GIA certification. The diamonds have each been hand-selected to ensure global demand, stability, quality, and value. The prices for the diamonds in each DVD are the same as the global PTP top-end retailer’s, which is normally over 50 percent less than the price that would be paid for the same diamonds in jewelry.

For more information on the Defined Value Diamonds asset, visit their site at:

About Van Zwam

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rand Diamond, Van Zwam created Defined Value Diamonds to offer a secure asset investment opportunity enabling people to invest in diamonds. Investors select the weight and number of diamonds they want to invest in, displayed in an attractive protective case. Rand Diamond is a primary supplier to high-end retailers of ethical diamonds. For more information on investing in diamonds, visit the site at:

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