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08 May

Pegasus Fund Managers of Hong KongPegasus are licensed investment advisers and have been providing asset management services from their base in Hong Kong since 1990. Guided by Asia financial guru Mr. Paul Pong Po Lam, they work closely with private trust companies and provide investment advisory services and discretionary portfolio management. Pegasus offer 3 managed investment funds focusing on Greater China, and have consistent results since launch.

Since Pegasus has no affiliation with any fund houses, brokers or financial institutions, they can place the client’s interest first to make the best investment decisions.

The Pegasus investment philosophy is; ‘to combine growth and value discipline, leads to superior long-term results’.

As the Pegasus directors and senior managers all have extensive experience in financial investment and international company management, they have the expertise in choosing the best funds and markets to maximize clients’ return after risk adjustment.

The management team in Pegasus Fund Managers have rich experience in fund investing. With over 20 year’s experience of fund management Pegasus Fund Managers can provide you with the most accurate and objective advice, as proven by the following list of achievements:

  • Advisor for the simulated fund portfolio in Hong Kong Economic Journal started at 24/2/1997
  • Advisor of MassMutual (Asia) on asset allocation from 2005
  • Investment Advisor of China Great Wall Fund Management Ltd from 2003 with assets under management of approximately RMB 50 billion
  • Investment Manager of Prime Investment Holdings Ltd from 2006 to 2009* & Sino Katalytics from 2003 to 2004, both listed on main board of HKSE
  • Strategic alliance with Mrs Sandra Manzke, CEO of MAXAM Capital Management & Founder of Tremont
  • Set up a 50/50 joint venture with Lipper to establish Pegasus Lipper Analytical Services International Corporation from 1993-1998
  • Advisor of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Trust & Investment Corporation with assets under management of RMB6 billion from 1994 to 1995
  • Developed the Taiwan market for Credit Agricole to set up its joint venture namely Agri-AM Securities Investment Trust Corp.and acted as its advisor with assets under management of NT10 billion

Pegasus managing director, Mr. Paul Pong, actively makes accurate forecasts about the market in different occasions. Recently Mr. Paul Pong delivered a speech at the the Morningstar Awards in Hong Kong, following is an excerpt of that address to his colleagues in the fund management industry.

Chances are left for those who have prepared. While we are all alert of the scenario, what should we do? It’s all about our inner self. The rule of thumb is Integrity, being honest and has self discipline towards your job, these people often have a clearer guiding philosophy with well supported research and background. Reputation means a lot to fund managers; it takes a long path to build

up a good one, but only seconds to ruin the fame.

The second rule would be passionate about investing, which gives you longevity and durability in the industry; this is also how you accumulate experience. There is no substitute for experience of different market conditions, economic cycles, “herd” behaviors and so on.

The third rule should be confidence, but not arrogance, with a healthy balance of cynicism and self-doubt. Such gives you the alertness before the strike or pitfalls happen, not after.

To all of you here today, congratulations, as I can see the above elements in you. You have demonstrated how hard you strive to reach to the top in this era of turbulence.

For more information please contact:

Mandy Lee

Associate Director (Financial Services)

Pegasus Fund Managers Limited

28/F Siu On Centre

188 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2232 5855

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