Why Most People Pick the Wrong Funds for Their IRA/401k

10 Oct

What You Can Do About It!

This is Your Invitation to the World of Regulated and Registered Investment Opportunities-USA and Offshore!


IRA or 401(K)

Your Retirement assets are yours but you DO NOT have Global Choice to All Securities with an ISIN (number)?

Do you know why you are not able to search for the best investments both from within the USA and from Offshore?

To Learn How to Break the USA Person Blockade that currently restricts you from shopping Offshore request our Go Offshore MAP-which guides you safely and correctly via the IRS, Treasury and avoids FATCA withholding and allows access to offshore funds without them being defined as a PFIC.

Similar to the fact that you can not buy at COSTCO without a COSTCO Card you need a proper Offshore Admission “Card” to put you in the “driver’s seat” to find the best registered securities from the World’s Top Financial Exchanges and to be in position to select from the World’s most successful Investment Managers. All IRA/401k Custodian plans are structured for USA registered securities only.

I have never met a Person who comparison shopped their Retirement Plan around the World. USA Retirement Plans all offer a Restricted Menu Only….Why do they do that???

All the “What’s Wrong with the 401k” are easily found: Forbes article, “Six Things Your 401(k) Provider Doesn’t Want You to Know”, Smart Money Article ” 10 Things 401(k) Providers Wont Tell You”, and 60 MINUTES T.V. BROADCAST “401k Fallout” all list reasons why investors financial futures may be at risk in the 401k they are holding.

The USA Tax Law permits a roll-over of your IRA or Employer’s 401k Retirement Plan into a self-directed IRA LLC and you may even move it Offshore BUT ONLY IF YOU HAVE A “MEMBERSHIP CARD” to purchase Offshore Registered Securities without change in Tax Benefits. The Self-Directed IRA LLC without our structuring will not give you access to Offshore Investments BECAUSE the Offshore provider WON’T SELL them to YOU, your TRUST or to your LLC!

Members may request a free report, mind map and video to explain how easy it is to protect and grow your tax deferred retirement account assets with global choice and management choice both Onshore and Offshore.

The Individual Retirement Plan must have a USA Custodian who reports to the Internal Revenue Service. But USA IRA Custodians provide a USA Fund only short menu when it comes to investment selection. An IRA LLC Onshore AND Offshore provides global choice of investments and managers because the Offshore Regulated, Registered, Recognized Administrator is Excluded from FATCA and Foreign Financial Institution issues!

Request our video which explains how this structure provides the following benefits. You can Buy and Sell from wherever you want the security you want (Onshore or Offshore)

  • Your investment choice is NOT a “Fund Menu”. Buy any Financial product with an ISIN, or Stock or Bond.
  • You can Diversify your investment currency.
  • Protect your retirement from any potential USA Government requirement to hold US Government Securities.
  • Take full advantage of Institutional Purchasing Power that is usually only available to the super-wealthy.
  • Access the out-performing power of global hedge funds…and do it for far less than the normally-prohibitive minimums.
  • Broaden your asset diversification choice to maximize your portfolio’s safety and security.
  • Take advantage of special institutional “only” investment programs.
  • Expand your wealth manager selections both in terms of strategies you’ll use for income and capital growth as well as the Global contacts you need to implement them.
  • Take no chances with your money. Diversify does not mean many eggs in ONE basket; it means Different locations, financial institutions, managers etc!
  • Discover that the most lucrative fund managers are Offshore.
  • Pack your portfolio with fund selections from a pool 5 times larger than U.S. funds alone.
  • Expand your portfolio to include international stocks your broker will never tell you about.
  • Take advantage of business and entrepreneurial Funds around the world.

In summary, The IRA Passive Custodian in the USA and an Active Custodian overseas Investment Account. The Tax Deferred Foreign Active Investment Account current value is reported on FBAR and on IRS 8938 the value is reported as “Zero Value” unless a withdrawal has been made during the year.

This particular Foreign Investment Account Administrator is specifically excluded from reporting under FATCA. Therefore the Active Custodian has no USA reporting or withholding requirement. No withholding or reporting requirement is the reason the Active Custodian is willing to open an account for a USA person.

NOTE: There are no USA Person Offshore Fund Choice Restrictions and no PFIC nor FATCA issues.

Free no-obligation consultation, available upon request.

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  1. Ron October 20, 2012 at 12:09 pm #

    What are some examples of foreign stocks my investment adviser won’t tell me about? Are these companies I will recognize? What about the old saw that we should only invest in what we know? Thanks!


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