Personal Pension and Foreign Investment Account

23 Mar

Personal pension from old glory

Trade risk for security offshore – Overseas Personal Pension

The simple solution is to centralize your investment into a U.S. IRS fully compliant tax free trading environment. This can be accomplished by using a US – onshore regulated Trustee and using a
self Directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Foreign Investment Account. You can easily rollover your 401(k) and IRA assets into this Self Directed IRA.

“Where is the best financial home for my IRA/401K Assets in the US or Offshore?”

By using an E.U. Investment Account, you are able to control Safety & Security. The key to your advantage is an Investment Account that is deemed a “professional investor”, foreign resident and a non US Person. This W-8BEN-E box 29e registration signifies it is AEOI tax rules compliant and exempt; non-reporting Foreign Financial Institution excluded account. That all means there is no US Person blockage overseas to investing in a 500,000 financial instruments tax free environment.

The only good news about a 401(k) Plan is that your assets are portable when you leave that job. Your previous employer has never managed those assets.

FACT: Your biggest opportunity begins AFTER you roll your 401k to a self directed IRA foreign investment account.

The same law that created the 401k also provides for “plan portability” that gives you control over your retirement savings to purchase investments from a tax free environment overseas without U.S. Person blockage.

This upgrade is the difference that can make the BIG difference in your financial success and freedom. We’d love to put our offshore expertise and advantages to work for you!

This is a U.S. Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and FATCA valid path which has been created for you to open an offshore account which has unlimited rights to global investment choice. Your U.S. Trustee maintains your reporting and U.S. Tax compliance.

The world’s top asset managers gravitate to a tax-free operational environment Want to make the upgrade? Reach out to us here to obtain a copy of the trustee guide to exporting your IRA and 401(k) Investment Account which has been prepared by US legal specialists in cooperation with the U.S. IRA Trustee.

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