The Precious Gemstone Carpet

20 Feb
precious gemstone carpet

The Precious Gemstone Carpet

From the liquidation of a Swiss Trust, comes the most precious gemstone carpet on the market. It’s hard to imagine that another such item would even exist, although there are gemstone carpets made every day in India and elsewhere, nothing else in the world compares to this over-the-top gemstone masterpiece.

Truthfully, I think everyone loves bling to some degree, whether it’s adorned on someone they care about, on their own neck, finger or wrist, or perhaps in the palm of your hand. Whether it be glistening rock or shiny metal, there seems to be a universal natural attraction to bling. Even if you’re super-modest and totally socio-Eco-conscious, there will be an heirloom object or some type of commemorative gift that holds value in your life. Therefor it goes without saying, that if you have more money than you could spend in a lifetime, then certainly you’re going to want to own gemstones and precious metal and maybe this $18.5M USD rug will fit your fancy.

precious gemstone carpetAs an investment? Let’s face it, precious gemstones, gold, diamonds and silver are an excellent store of value anywhere in the world. Probably, our very culture has programmed every mind on the planet, via Arabian Nights all the way to romancing the stone and tomb raiders, we’re taught to revere the treasures of Kings and Queens. Having said that, when I received the information that the precious gemstone carpet had come on the market, I couldn’t wait to share it here and show you the wealth in our world.

precious gemstone carpetOne carpet has 7501000 yellow gold (above right), set with 27′ 106 yellow, blue, pink, red, green and colorless gemstones. Gold indicated total weight: 15.9 kg. Sapphire, colored sapphire, ruby (varieties of corundum), emerald (variety of beryl) and diamond. Based on a professional Gemological analysis methodology, the examined gemstones are of natural origin. Various geographical origins for each mineral species. The report is accompanied by a six-page appendix with gemstone details.

Index of the gemstones in the precious gemstone carpet:


9668 yellow gemstones – 5’299.31 carats – Oval shape, faceted – Size 6.0 / 4.0 / 2.5 [mm]
8428 blue gemstones – 4’834.26 carats – Oval shape, faceted – Size 6.0 / 4.0 / 2.5 [mm]
1298 pink gemstones – 727.31 carats – Oval shape, faceted – Size 6.0 / 4.0 / 2.5 [mm]
1888 red gemstones – 987.50 carats – Oval shape, faceted – Size  6.0 / 4.0 / 2.5 [mm] 
4582 green gemstones – 1 709.80 carats – Oval shape, faceted – Size 6.0 / 4.0 / 2.5 [mm]
1242 colorless gemstones – 511.64 carats – Oval shape, faceted – Size 6.0 / 4.0 / 2.5 [mm]

With the Certificate of Gemological Examination from Geneva, Switzerland came the following simple agreement:

We ………, in representation of our client, hereby confirm with full corporate authority under the penalty of perjury, that we are ready, willing and able to enter into an agreement with the Seller of the gemstone carpet with pertinent certificates, according to the information we have received from you, at the price of US$18,500,000 (eighteen million and five hundred thousands US Dollars) including all commissions for intermediaries.

The above-mentioned precious carpet is to be offered with clean, clear and non-criminal origin documentation in exchange for good, clean, clear unencumbered US Dollars of non-criminal origin.

We would like to confirm that the buyer, or his representatives, will provide a suitable P.O.F. before inspection by the buyer commences. Upon verification of funds, inspection will proceed as planned.

You never know, maybe today is our lucky day and as you’re reading about this insane piece of collectible house decor, you’re thinking “Gee, I remember my friend from Kuwait was saying just the other day how he was trying to find the perfect precious gemstone carpet… and if that’s the case, let’s make it happen – contact me now.

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