Private Label Trust

13 Jun

Private Label TrustWe provide clients with a private label trust platform that is consolidated international occupational retirement law and is government regulated, registered and recognized in over 130 countries.

A Fairbrook Alliance Private Label Trust is not a tax haven, insurance product or company, or personal trust; it is a globally-recognized occupational retirement plan providing far greater permissions and benefits.

Deferring income on gains and accumulations

Acknowledged by the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA); this is the only type of existing foreign financial account that can be used to defer income on gains and accumulations outside the U.S. that is Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and U.S. Treasury acknowledged on W8-BEN-E box 29b and 29e and is Global International Intermediary Number (GIIN) registered as being exempt from FATCA reporting. Banks, law firms, insurance companies and secular trusts are not recognized in any Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA).

The key is knowledge of your regulatory reporting position and legitimacy

This plan is exempt from insurance and securities regulations, thus eliminating additional capital raising costs, while providing the benefits of purchasing investments in a tax free environment which is recognized regulatory compliant and tax-advantaged.

Investors will not be subjected to taxation within the plan. Members can enjoy the benefit of accruing tax -free roll up and in some cases ultimately distributing the income on a tax-exempt basis in many jurisdictions.

For plan members, this represents the ability to seamlessly invest and trade capital offshore through an IRS, FATCA, AEOI and CRS acknowledged exempt from financial institution reporting occupational retirement plan vehicle.

Fairbrook Alliance extensive expertise in supporting clients’ cross-border funding and distribution strategies in numerous countries, combined with ensuring ongoing compliance with an evolving regulatory environment is to take advantage of new business opportunities.

The affect of efficient retirement planning is the lower cost of tax

The occupational retirement plan law regime increases the yield on your wealth and protects assets while avoiding double-taxation regulations, overlapping taxes, and unnecessary taxation through poor future planning and a mere ignorance of taxation law.

It is possible for individuals to establish a retirement plan that has significant neutral tax implications,

  • no withholding tax,
  • no wealth tax,
  • no VAT,
  • no annual net worth tax,
  • elimination of estate and inheritance tax on succession,
  • and discretion to choose from a nearly unfettered class and location of investments.

The key is knowledge of your regulatory reporting position and legitimacy. Working in an increasingly regulated world where global recognition is critical, it is important for each of us to accept the greater responsibilities and permissions.

Turn-Key Capability is the Real Competitive Advantage

  • Outsourcing all fiduciary administrative functions
  • Outsourcing management of all regulatory matters
  • Outsourcing fiduciary administration risk

Our advisory approach gives a real competitive advantage to institutional clients such as banks, law firms, CPA firms, investment advisors and family offices to offer occupational retirement law structuring to their clients by way of outsourcing the administration, overhead costs and fiduciary liability.

A Private Label Trust can be designed to cater to issuers of investment products who are seeking opportunities in new markets where licensing requirements are restricting their progress. In reliance on its permissions and exemptions the Trust will facilitate issuers’ access to new markets streamlining the issuers’ licensing and compliance requirements.

Fairbrook Alliance helps you to drive new clients forward; while you keep the continuity of your own services.

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