Rare Industrial Metals and Silver for American Clients with IRAs

12 Jan

Bi crystal in precious metals science

Bi-crystal – Bismuth in Precious Metals

A sound investment idea is to replace under-performing assets in your existing IRA/Roth account to establish a Rare Industrial Metals and Silver (RIMS IRA). This is a wise asset protection choice.

Rare Industrial Metals are increasing in value and are estimated to continue growing due to their limited supply and high demand by key industries. Many individuals are using their IRA funds to take financial advantage of this opportunity and further protect assets through a RIMS IRA.

Although using a RIMS IRA in your existing IRA is a smart choice, it must be done correctly. It is a very different process than directly purchasing Stocks/Bonds and Mutual Funds in your existing IRA/Roth account. Utilizing your IRA/Roth liquid assets combined with a RIMS IRA can be a seamless process if you have our experienced London Metal Assets adviser and an appropriate custodian working with you from start to finish.

Having a RIMS IRA established properly for you with the help of Fyfield Metal Assets allows you to enjoy physical ownership of rare industrial metals in a fully appropriate IRS structure. This will give you full control of your assets with the continued tax benefits of a standard IRA/Roth account.

*Fyfield Metal Assets, its advisers and/or its affiliates are providing a service that facilitates the preparation of a Rare Industrial Metals and Silver IRA and are not giving any tax advice regarding rare industrial metals, silver or any other products. Please write to request an introduction to Fyfield Metal Assets.

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