Rasta Fari Peace Revolution of Haile Selassie

17 Nov

Rasta Fari Peace Revolution of Haile Selassie Declares War on Evil

Coincidence of Tedros Adhanom of WHO being a former member of a terrorist organization that is about to engage in a civil war in Ethiopia is statistically impossible, especially when Genocide Watch has an open letter claiming that the former health minister mis-diagnosed an outbreak that neighboring countries didn’t seem to miss. This is a crime against humanity and we the people declare war against evil!

The Chapel of the Tablet

The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion (Amharic: ርዕሰ አድባራት ቅድስተ ቅዱሳን ድንግል ማሪያም ፅዮን Re-ese Adbarat Kidiste Kidusan Dingel Maryam Ts’iyon) is an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Ethiopia. It is claimed to contain the Ark of the Covenant. It is located in the town of AxumTigray. The original church is believed to have been built during the reign of Ezana the first Christian ruler of the Kingdom of Axum (Present-day Eritrea and Ethiopia), during the 4th century AD, and has been rebuilt several times since then. Today we must defend this artifact.

The very place where the civil war, which one pundit called “the next Syria” is setting up. This is just like a Deep State sucker-punch, from disenfranchised mercenaries, contractors, and military industrial complex advisers, that sold all that hardware, and now need a new gravy train. This is potentially the worst humanitarian crisis ever if we allow them to unleash their destruction on those innocent people.

Cathedral of Our Lady Mary of Zion, built during the reign of Emperor Fasilides

I’m not qualified as an expert in foreign affairs but think it’s not needed to see the obvious sucker punch set-up, what the left hand is doing while the right hand is watching USA election (theft in real time), with live whistle blowers coming forward by the thousands and thousands. God reached the masses in America and Christians put their heart in the question of committing a crime of stealing an election, or America. God won!

Ark of the Covenant replication

People had to see it to believe it and that was the magic of what happened, we are taking back truth, to give the word meaning once again. The line has been drawn in the sand but I foresee something very grim happening in Africa, if we don’t raise awareness in could destroy us all. I have a solution to the problem, raise the Ark! Re-write the covenant.

Africa always get’s treated the worst by the globalists, especially the UN and WHO and now all the angst and bitterness of the Trump victory, as they know about the Executive Orders that the media hasn’t reported, they know many more moves ahead too, as they use quantum and AI against the Kraken and Quantum (you didn’t think we had just one super-computer?).

By creating a campaign to restore the Ark of the Covenant and attempt to focus all people to learn the word covenant, as it’s been diminished in it’s use and never properly explained. The idea here is to concentrate positive energy to an exact location on the planet, altogether and then raise the money to create the monatmic gold necessary and turn the instrument on. The Rastafari are the keepers and only that DNA can touch it.

covenant formal agreement or promise between two or more people:

Our other option is to do nothing and hope someone can do something to stop a war that could make Syria look like a friendly scrimmage and suck Africa into another UN disaster zone where their peacekeepers can scoop up children, according to the 20th Annual Trafficking in Persons Report

Rasta Fari Peace Revolution of Haile Selassie is to forward in this generation triumphantly, in the words of Bob Marley. We will not quit fighting, you can not beat us because we have the Rastaman Vibration (only DNA that can touch the Ark of the Covenant, as written in scripture).

Jamaican Reggae Singer Bob Marley is seen here in 1981. (AP Photo/HO)


Bible and Bob Marley

Until the philosophy which hold one race
Superior and another Inferior
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned
Everywhere is war
Me say war

“War” is a song recorded and made popular by Bob Marley. It first appeared on Bob Marley and the Wailers’ 1976 Island Records album, Rastaman Vibration.

Produced by Bob Marley

Release DateApril 30, 1976 View All Credits 173.2K2011[Verse 1]

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