Top 5 Reasons for you to consider the Regulator Asset Protection Structure

02 Mar
legal documents

Legal documents

1. We suspect that a typical US provider would be proposing a life or annuity structure product and those are regulated individually by each state in the United States, have no Federal registration and are not always recognized by any foreign government. A typical U.K. provider would propose a UK life policy savings plan, but these will not be internationally recognized because a 101% life policy is not recognized as a life Insurance policy with deferred asset growth by many foreign countries.

2. Some of the asset protection benefits could be explained by an Attorney by means of a Trust, Spendthrift Trust, Grantor Trust, an Offshore Trust, Land Trust, Family Partnership, Foundation, Offshore Company- IBC, LLC, LTC and might be recognized in a court but leave your assets exposed to judges. None of these Attorney defined structures have Government Regulator protection. Who can litigate against a Government Regulator?

3. By Statutory Legal Governance You Don’t own it but you control it . Attorney structures which profess this benefit are at threat to the Client because they are sending up a “Red Flag” and challenging the IRS. The IRS will be asking them…what is your reason? Are answer is the only defense! Ans: It’s my retirement plan stupid!

4. With The Regulator Asset Protection Structure U.S. Persons are not blocked by Registered Foreign Investment providers or prospectus. They haven’t been there nor attempted to do that and therefore they don’t hear that our structuring eliminates their problem!

5. The Regulator Asset Protection Structure can provide a Nominee Account at a FATCA compliant Financial Institution. ( repeat that statement because they wont hear that it means confidential and the private.)

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