Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning For the Expatriate

When it comes to retirement planning many of us are guilty of putting off until tomorrow that which we know we should get done today! Put off by the thought of inflexible pension plans and having to tie up large sums of money for the long term many of us ignore our long term needs altogether.

This is a short sighted plan at best and simply not necessary. At Invest Offshore we believe the best solutions can often be the simplest and the most flexible and we’re here to help you get the best retirement solutions as easily and simply as possible so that your future is secured without any hassles and headaches today.

We have a wealth of information available for those considering their retirement planning, those interested in offshore investments and savings plans and anyone who wants to know how the offshore advantage and going offshore can increase their wealth potential.

Getting Started

The sooner you get started with retirement planning the longer your money will have to grow, the more compound interest it will enjoy and the greater your potential wealth and security in retirement.

But even if you feel you’ve left your planning a little late you needn’t panic. If you’re an expatriate and you take the offshore advantage you’ll be in a far more privileged position when it comes to maximising wealth potential.

We can help you select and set-up as flexible an offshore expatriate retirement savings plans as you need to fulfil your specific requirements and objectives. We can also assist you with any pension plans or investments you have already made, giving you realistic future income predictions and on-going advice and information.

The Expatriate Retirement Planning Advantage

International pension plans may fulfil your retirement financial needs, alternatively there are many savings policies and investment opportunities available to you which will maximise your expatriate advantage and any associated tax advantages. The recommendation of any one plan will depend entirely on its suitability for you but you can probably expect to at least benefit from the following features of a flexible offshore savings plan: –

  • Location independent meaning you can continue to contribute wherever in the world you choose to live or retire
  • Tax efficient
  • Highly accessible meaning you can access money before retirement
  • Money invested doesn’t have to be used for retirement purposes meaning the plans available remain totally flexible
  • You have complete choice when it comes to how to take your money at retirement – lump sum, income, reinvest etc., etc.

Take Action Today!

Isn’t it time you found out about the wealth of opportunities available to you and took advantage of all the offshore world has to offer?
We are best placed to work with you to evaluate and understand your situation and objectives and to find the perfect investment, savings or pension plan to fulfil your exact and specific requirements. We will then assist you in the practical implementation of the advice given and over the long term we will continue to work with and for you to make sure you remain on track for a happy and comfortable retirement.

To speak to a professional financial consultant who will answer your questions about international retirement planning and explain the full advantages of investing offshore without any obligation whatsoever simply complete our online contact query form.

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