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15 Mar
Vista del Puerto de Victoria desde la Cumbre Victoria, Hong Kong, PRC 2013-08-09

View of Victoria Harbour from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, PRC 09/08/2013

From Hong Kong with Love to the PRC

We seek business partners with connections within the PRC to provide asset protection (tax deferred) solutions explained in our 226 page book and soon to be an MBA course at a major PRC University!

Chinese Lion PRC

Chinese Lion PRC

Last year there were over 8,600 from the Peoples Republic of China to the USA. That means there are over 17,000 currently in process that need our solution now.

We are delighted to meet with people online (Skype or Google Hangout) to discuss how we are developing a significant high net worth investment immigration tax savings and asset protection service in the PRC.

Regulated, Registered and Recognized in both the USA and the PRC

Tax deferred, IRS acknowledged protection for those who are planning to spend time in the USA, immigrating to the USA or investing into the USA.

You would appreciate, when you would receive our book, white papers and other copyrighted documents, that there is very significant research and intellectual property associate with what are quite complex issues drawing together a number of different disciplines and jurisdictions.

For our joint business development service and cooperative purpose we would be grateful, if you agree, that we would sign non-disclosure and non circumvention agreements. Subsequent to that we would necessary agree to document a working relationship agreement.

These three agreements would be adopted by the Administration which covers the regulatory position with a Hong Kong regulated pension fund.

If you agree the NDA we will send you our book which has Six Chapters dedicated specifically to residents of the PRC and a ”user friendly” eight page white paper of these solutions.

Solutions designated in our book are as follows:

  • The Pre-Immigration statutory asset protection solution for wealth protection globally. Protecting assets as tax deferred in both the USA and PRC within a regulated recognized pension fund
  • Overseas Life Insurance ownership considerations favors a pension owned life insurance policy. This is the only way a PRC person can purchase life insurance that is not a violation of foreign exchange control law
  • Pre-Tax contributions, tax deferred accumulation in both the USA and PRC
  • Eliminating anti-tax deferral regimes globally
  • Secrecy and Privacy acknowledged by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and the Peoples Republic of China
  • This USD exempt entity is the key to straightforward compliance. No withholding, FATCA exempt beneficiary and W-8BEN-E pre-authorized
  • The Shanghai approved money train for investments outside the PRC
  • Pension income & accumulation under the US-Chinese Tax Treaty. How income and accumulation is exempt
  • Ownership of U.S. real estate: how to avoid unexpected estate tax, income tax and FATCA withholding
  • Tax structuring for effectively connected U.S. income. How aliens can avoid the need to file a U.S. income tax return.
Distribution fee would likely be paid to new Intermediaries, the same sum as to other distributors, to which we have no available information. We, simply put, are a team of retirement (pension) planning specialists, with a Hong Kong base of operation, seeking Joint Venture marketing opportunities in the PRC.

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