Silver Better Buy Than Gold

28 Mar

Canadian silver is better silverLegendary commodities investor and author Jim Rogers feels that silver would be a better buy than gold right now. At this point silver is approximately 70% off its all time high. Jim Rogers feels all commodities are going to hit an all time high before the bull run is over so it does not take a mathematician to realize there are great returns ahead for silver. Even though silver has more potential, Rogers still feels that Gold has a great chance of reaching $2000 soon.

When asked which metals he likes best Rogers stated that he prefers silver and palladium to gold and platinum but he currently owns all four metals and he will not be selling any of them for years to come. Rogers also feels that, even though there is great interest in Gold and other metal commodities, there is still a lot of room to run for this bull. This does not mean that there can’t be a 20% drop here and there but there is still great upside potential.

When all commodities are reaching new highs adjusted for inflation and everyone on Wall Street is talking about investing in commodities then it will be time to sell. That is not the case today. There are several articles about gold reaching all time highs but how many articles have you seen on sugar, oil or aluminum lately? When these articles litter the front page of the Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine then it will be time to sell your commodities and get back in to equities.

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