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The Only Asset Protection that Governments Trust

27 Jun
Lindau Hafen Sonnenuntergang, Germany - Asset Protection

Asset Protection that Governments Trust The 401(k) problem is a U.S. Qualified Plan Trustee, upon his demand, would not transfer his money outside of the USA.because: The IRS has made a ruling in regards to Investing/sending money out of the country from qualified retirement plans. They have ruled against all such foreign transactions. We learned […]

Held Captive! The Closely Held Insurance Company

11 Jul
Sessions House, Hamilton Bermuda

Captive Insurance – An Integrated Tax and Risk Management Solution Captive or closely held insurance companies have been around a long time, at least fifty or more years. For most of their existence, captive insurance companies lived in relative anonymity and were mostly in the domain of public companies. Businesses or industries with significant warranty […]

Property Investment from Offshore, Using Jersey

01 Aug
Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jersey holding companies, trusts and limited partnerships have been used by private individuals, family offices and institutional investors over many years for property investment. Jersey holding companies, trusts and limited partnerships have been used by private individuals, family offices and institutional investors over many years for property investment. The industry and structures involved in this […]

Offshore Company Formation Primer

11 Jun
Offshore Company Formation

‘One size fits all’ does not apply to offshore company formation. The choice will often depend on what your aims are, be it tax reduction, asset protection or wealth management on a larger scale. Here we take a look at the different offshore companies on offer and why they are used. Offshore Corporations, which are […]

Tax-Advantaged Offshore Investment

28 Oct

How to: Minimize U.S. Tax Reporting Requirements (Legally!) If you are an American living overseas, the walls are closing in on you quickly. If your foreign bank hasn’t already closed your account, don’t hold your breath because it is probably coming quickly. A large number of excellent articles have covered the implementation of FATCA and […]

Why Luxembourg is best for offshore investment

05 Oct

Why We Recommend a Luxembourg Regulator For Investor Protection The banking crisis in 2008 undermined the financial strength of institutions such as banks and insurance companies, and people are now once again concerned about the safety of their savings. The only certain way for investors to achieve security from institutional failure is through a state […]

Luxembourg To Introduce New Investment Vehicle

09 Mar
Luxembourg entrepreneur investment

The Luxembourg Parliament has adopted a law on Specialized Investment Funds (SIF), which offers a number of new features, including a broader definition of “eligible investors” to include both professional and private “well-informed” investors. The new law replaces the law of 19 July, 1991 which concerned collective investment schemes reserved for institutional investors. According to […]

The Incredible Series LLC

15 Nov
Series LLC

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has one of the finest bodies of corporate law in the world, having closely modeled their laws after the top corporate haven in the world: the State of Delaware. The RMI is a former U.S. dependency in the Pacific Ocean which is now entirely independent. One of the […]

Asset Protection

02 Jun
Asset Protection

It’s a US Treasury, IRS and FATCA approved path which has been created to open an offshore account which has unlimited rights to global investment choices. Your US Trustee maintains your reporting and US Tax Compliance. There is no need for you to report to the IRS as the Trustee reports annually on your behalf […]