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Held Captive! The Closely Held Insurance Company

11 Jul
Sessions House, Hamilton Bermuda

Captive Insurance – An Integrated Tax and Risk Management Solution Captive or closely held insurance companies have been around a long time, at least fifty or more years. For most of their existence, captive insurance companies lived in relative anonymity and were mostly in the domain of public companies. Businesses or industries with significant warranty […]

Invest Offshore with a Regulator Asset Protection Structure (RAPS)

11 Jul
New York City at night - RAPS

The Regulator Asset Protection Structure RAPS. Annually the IRS Passive Custodian reports the value of your tax deferred account. You also file to the IRS. This process validates and verifies transparency with the IRS making both apparent and open. You control and manage the LLC via the internet where access to the active custodian can […]

Creating an APT

30 Nov

Unfortunately, there are a limited number of qualified US and UK experts in the field of asset protection law, so proceed with great caution before choosing your personal advisor for such an important project as creating an APT. This is an area of financial activity where cutting corners can be very costly. Knowledgeable APT attorneys […]