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Investors Offshore Bait and Switch

20 Mar
Cook Islands for Investors Offshore article

The two biggest problems to most offshore structures is Reporting & Liquidity. Their reporting is complicated and expensive and their liquidity is none! Some complicated structures require high intensity tax filings, often times these structures were created by the person you pay to do your tax filing. Imagine buying an offshore structure, from the person […]

Offshore investing and Private Banking

08 Nov

The term ‘private banking’ is becoming so prolific that it’s close to losing the prestige that once connected to the intensely secret relations between a bank and its wealthy clients. Traditionally, international banks have required a minimum deposit of $100,000 to ear preferential treatment but over the past years this minimum has been reduced to […]

Cook Islands Offshore Banking

18 May
Coat of arms of Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Are A Beautiful Place For Tax Free Investing And Offshore Banking. Probably one of least important features required of a tax haven, is beauty. But if an investor is planning on spending any time in the region where they do their banking, the Cook Islands offer a beautiful setting for tax free […]