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Digital Nomads and Offshore Investing: A Guide to Location Independent Wealth Management

16 May
Digital Nomads and Offshore Investing

The advent of the internet and the ability to work from anywhere has given rise to a new class of professionals: digital nomads. These location-independent workers, who leverage technology to perform their jobs from any corner of the globe, require unique solutions for managing and growing their wealth. Offshore investing presents an excellent opportunity for […]

Tax havens hidden in plain sight

15 Feb
anchor of the tax havens

Many of the world’s most secretive tax havens, ranging from Anguilla to Uruguay, are set to open their books to foreign tax by 2017. A year later, dozens more, including Belize, Hong Kong and Singapore, are set to follow suit. Among them is Switzerland, abandoning a tradition of secrecy that dates back at least as […]

Investors Offshore Bait and Switch

20 Mar
Cook Islands for Investors Offshore article

The two biggest problems to most offshore structures is Reporting & Liquidity. Their reporting is complicated and expensive and their liquidity is none! Some complicated structures require high intensity tax filings, often times these structures were created by the person you pay to do your tax filing. Imagine buying an offshore structure, from the person […]

Asset protection trusts and offshore investment

15 Oct

When discussing asset protection and offshore investments, the most widely known legal device for offshore planning or investment is an asset protection trust. Asset protection trusts resemble a typical trust as it legally exists in the United States only it’s located in a trust-friendly jurisdiction like the Cook Islands or the Bahamas. Certain jurisdictions (like […]

Cook Islands Offshore Banking

18 May
Coat of arms of Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Are A Beautiful Place For Tax Free Investing And Offshore Banking. Probably one of least important features required of a tax haven, is beauty. But if an investor is planning on spending any time in the region where they do their banking, the Cook Islands offer a beautiful setting for tax free […]