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What are offshore funds?

08 Jun
Offshore funds

When investing, you will often see funds listed specifically as offshore funds. Many investors have portfolios of mixed funds in Cyprus with funds often domiciled ‘offshore’. What are the key differences in terms of legal protection and structure between funds domiciled in, for example, the UK and those listed abroad? Offshore funds are those domiciled […]

Get Ready for Crazy – Jeff Thomas

20 Nov
Cayos Cochinos (Cayo Privado) - Get ready for crazy, Jeff Thomas

Recently, the Honduras homes and businesses of the family of Jaime Rosenthal were raided by the Honduran government. The properties themselves were seized and other assets taken. The family-owned bank was also seized and has been forced into liquidation, creating potential financial crisis for its 220,000 clients. Throngs of angry clients, unable to go about […]

As Cyprus Collapses, It’s a Race to the Mediterranean Gas Finish Line

22 Mar

Cyprus is preparing for total financial collapse as the European Central Bank turns its back on the island after its parliament rejected a scheme to make Cypriot citizens pay a levy on savings deposits in return for a share in potential gas futures to fund a bailout. On Wednesday, the Greek-Cypriot government voted against asking […]

Offshore Gateway Platform for Professional Services Goes Live – Offshore-Gateway.eu

05 Jan

Nicosia, Cyprus, 01/04/2012 – Offshore-Gateway.eu is now live online, following 12 months of development. The web platform is an initial point-of-contact for professional services via Cyprus, including company formations, tax planning, wealth management and international banking. Offshore-Gateway.eu platform is now live, following 12 months of work by a team of young entrepreneurs, made up of […]

Low-Tax European Company Formation With Guaranteed Bank Account Now Available

20 Feb
Cyprus, Mediterranean, Sky, Rock, Stones, Holiday, Ruin - Low-Tax

The term ‘low-tax’ is seldom used in conjunction with any non-offshore European jurisdiction – and yet having a company based and operational from within the European Union is highly desirable for many reasons and for many businesses.  For example, if you deal with clients, distributors, suppliers or resellers in Europe, they will prefer to be […]