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Citizenship and Passport

02 Dec
Orange, Office, Fruit, Juicy, Food, Ripe and a Passport to good health

Citizenship can be loosely defined as the legal relationship between a person and the sovereign nation in which he or she lives, a status defined by the law of that nation, conferring or limiting a person’s duties and rights. The most common means of acquiring citizenship is by birth within the borders of a nation. […]

What About the British?

10 Nov
British Vespa

It is estimated that in recent years 600,000 or more U.K. citizens have been driven into exile because of high British taxes. Once domiciled abroad, in Italy, Portugal, Singapore, or Bermuda, many Brits used to return home like migratory birds to spend six months annually “vacationing” in England. Stay one day more and under the […]

Investment Opportunities, Tax Benefits and Security for Traveling in Turbulent Times

03 Nov
U.S. Passport

We can no longer travel freely throughout the world without thinking of our safety. As the world grows increasingly more conflicted, it becomes important for us to protect ourselves and our families. This is not just in the U.S. People, as well as governments across the globe, are beginning to feel the effects of conflict. […]