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Expats: adventurers or foreign retirees?

03 Aug

Hemingway, as an expat, implied high adventure in a foreign land The first definition of “expatriate” appeared in a French dictionary in the late 1700s and denotes a person who has been banished from his or her native land. This elucidation came just in time for Napoleon’s exile to the island of Elba in 1814; […]

Renouncing U.S. Citizenship eBook

20 Jan
U.S Citizenship

DETROIT – JANUARY 19, 2016 – Freeman Tax Law, a tax law firm specialising in overseas financial issues and IRS representation, recently published an eBook for people who are interested in renouncing U.S. citizenship. It includes important information regarding expatriation, including what the obligations are when trying to renounce U.S. citizenship, the penalties for failing […]

How to Become a Sovereign Individual

05 Nov
Tor-Arne Moen Natural selection - Sovereign person, or sovereign individual

Addressed to Vern Jacobs (now deceased): I was given your e-mail address in the hopes of learning more about how to become sovereign. I would like to know the process and what steps to take in order to do this as well as information regarding any offices or people here locally who could help me […]

Confessions of an Expat Canuck

21 Feb
RMS Titanic, Ocean Liner, (1912) - Expat Canuck

Never before in modern history has there been a time when people everywhere have become so disillusioned by the Global Governments and their leadership. Call it an awakening, or blame it on the information-age with all it’s alternative media but the fact remains the same; Governments have gone way out of control and their leaders, […]

Panama as an Expat Destination

19 Mar
Panama city

Panama has a long history of being very professional and courteous with international investors and bankers. The investment and banking culture in the country is very favorable for anyone seeking to either hold accounts or investments offshore as part of an overall asset protection strategy and for anyone seeking an expat retirement. But there are […]

FATCA – Dual Nationals, Expatriation or Voluntary Disclosure

05 Oct

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) and FACTA Many dual nationals, meaning those U.S. taxpayers who retain citizenship in another country as well as having U.S. permanent residence (Green Card) status or U.S. citizenship, may be considering surrendering their U.S. status and expatriating as opposed going through the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure process. The reason often offered […]

Is it time to become an Expat?

11 Apr
Is it time to become an Expat?

With the U.S. government’s ever-increasing stranglehold on Americans’ assets, smart investors are now taking their wealth abroad. Doug Casey tells you how to do it, and why you shouldn’t put it off any longer. Here is a timely article about expatriation from Doug Casey of Casey Research. Making The Chicken Run by Doug Casey “Making […]