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Seraph Summit to Present the Panama Papers Antidote

06 Apr
fitness-strength-strong - Seraphin Global

IRS Compliant “On the Grid” Offshore Asset Protection Structures Presented at the Seraph Summit The massive leak of documents from a secretive Panamanian law firm… it’s the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca, contain details of various world leaders’ offshore companies – over 70 current and former world leaders in fact! This includes […]

Planning on Hiding Behind Banking Secrecy?

05 Apr
Golden Dragon - China Investment and banking secrecy

Things have changed that make citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and all “high net worth individuals” (HNWI) a target now. Hiding assets PRC style (off the grid) and pretending someone else called ”Aunty”, a business, trust or nominee account owns them puts you at criminal risk needlessly. ORSO402(b) legal non-disclosure programming has […]

Corporate Legal Framework to Invest Overseas

22 Mar
Legal structure and the greenback

Foreign Retirement Plan Corporate Legal Framework This Foreign retirement plan corporate legal framework is the only solution to the IRS rulings in 2014 that demolish U.S. situs deferred compensation structures of working members of limited partnership (LLC/LLP) and the IRS Chief Counsel advises members may be subject to self-employment tax. This Foreign Financial Account is […]

Common Sense Investment Account Safety and Security

14 Sep
Cycling in Amsterdam - Investment Account

Common sense tells us that safety and security for the future requires three unchained investment account components that you control: Unchained Jurisdiction Unchained Custodian Unchained Investment Account Is your common sense about safety and security a truth or consequence? There are two definitions of commons sense we can see here: Common sense is what I […]

FATCA Overseas Nightmares

12 Mar
View of the Carina Nebula taken from the Astronomy Observatory of Los Molinos (OALM) (es) located in Montevideo, Uruguay. The picture is based on 9 frames of 2 minutes exposure time each with a Nikon Df and a catadioptric Nikkor 500mm f/8 lense, apart from the dark, bias and flat frames for the post-processing. For the post-processing a dedicated software for this kind of photography (PixInsight) was used that merges the images, analyses the brightness scale, reduces the noise and enables the management of saturation and dynamic range. - FATCA

Lost in Space – The reason so many American Expats will suffer a 100% loss in their overseas Group Pension Scheme is because neither attorneys nor tax consultants are regulated, registered and recognized IRC 402(b) product providers. Therefore, 1) Group Attorneys can draw a legal blueprint of a IRC 402(b) Foreign regulated, FATCA registered and […]

Top 20 Best Foreign Retirement Havens

14 Feb
Papaya hotel and retirement resort Antigua

Most foreign pension plans are likely characterized as trusts for U.S. tax purposes. Neither the statute nor the regulations define the term “employees’ trust.” However, if a foreign pension (i.e., the trust): (i) was created by a foreign employer, (ii) is administered by the foreign employer, and (iii) is more than half funded by the […]

402b Benefits for Asset Protection

27 Jan
Armada Rouen 2008 - Benefits of a 402b Asset Protection Structure

Benefits of a Regulated Asset Protection Structure (RAPS) Recapture pre-tax contributions and tax deferred accumulations Recapture foreign financial account privacy and secrecy When there is a legal basis there are no limits to contribution amounts Liquidity at all times. Overcome regulatory barriers to provide your champions capital shares Reduce employee social service costs by 1/3rd […]

Regulated, Registered, Recognized Foreign Retirement Plan

21 Aug
Internal Revenue and Commerce Building, Washington DC - 402(b) Foreign Retirement Plan

NQDC-vs-402(b) – aka RAPS An alternative to the US Tax Regulations that require NQDC plans (nonqualified deferred compensation plans) to be not formally funded ( The Total Return Swap Hedge requires 25 million annual contributions.) The Alternative to Unfunded, Unhedged, or informally funded NQDC Plans: We have a number of 402(b) Foreign Retirement Plan proposals […]