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Gibraltar Residency for Sovereign Citizenship

04 Jun
Gibraltar Residency

Residency in Gibraltar Who is eligible for Category 2 Individual Status? Category 2 Individual Status is available to all non-Gibraltarian individuals who establish a residential address in Gibraltar, have not been ordinarily resident in Gibraltar during the preceding 5 years, and do not derive any income from Gibraltar sources other than from Gibraltar Tax Exempt […]

Asset protection trusts and offshore investment

15 Oct

When discussing asset protection and offshore investments, the most widely known legal device for offshore planning or investment is an asset protection trust. Asset protection trusts resemble a typical trust as it legally exists in the United States only it’s located in a trust-friendly jurisdiction like the Cook Islands or the Bahamas. Certain jurisdictions (like […]

How to Move Money Offshore

25 Apr
Rock of Gibraltar - Move money offshore

We are going to discuss the movement of funds from your own country or another country to an offshore bank presumably in an offshore tax haven. We are not going to discuss any illegal scenarios. Why do People Move Money and Assets Offshore – Many of you will first think taxes? Well you are wrong. […]

Gibraltar To Sell Investment Services In UK

02 Aug

The government of the United Kingdom has passed new legislation enabling investment firms based in Gibraltar to sell their services in the UK. The legislation, which became effective on July 31, follows through on an announcement by the governments of the UK and Gibraltar in December 2005 that firms in the jurisdiction would be allowed […]

New Directives Threaten to Eliminate Tax Haven Status of Monaco, Andorra

27 Jul
Tax Haven Status - Tax Optimization

Media reporting of an EU tax directive, effective from July 1, suggests the European tax haven status of Monaco and Andorra could be under threat. Tribune Properties contend that the real incentive for people moving to Monaco and Andorra remains intact – no income and inheritance taxes. (PRWEB) July 27, 2005 — Media reporting of […]