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Gold Mining Company Buscar Provides Update on Plan of Operations

08 Oct
Gold Mining Company

DENVER, Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Buscar Company (CGLD) provided an update today on the company’s Plan of Operations filed with the US Forest Service in July of this year. CEO Alex Dekhtyar stated, “We are pleased with the progress being made at Treasure Canyon and we look forward to ramping up our operations once the Plan of Operations is approved […]

Annual World Exploration Trends report reveals global mining exploration recovering from 2016 low

06 Mar
Global mining exploration

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, March 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — S&P Global Market Intelligence, a leading provider of multi-asset class research data and insights, revealed findings from the latest World Exploration Trends (WET) report, which showed a fourth consecutive year of falling exploration. The WET report is based on S&P Global Market Intelligence’s 27th Corporate Exploration Strategies (CES) […]

Gold Market Speculation

25 Jan
gold market speculation

Q: I understand why you don’t make predictions: it is unnecessary and ineffective. You only need to know that the low for the gold market happened when it happens. And, you don’t want to divide your attention unnecessarily as that decreases the quality of your analysis. These are all very good reasons. However, you have […]

Criteria for calling the low in gold

23 Jan
clock time hour minutes watches calendar diary for the low in gold

Q: How do divergences relate to the four criteria for calling the low in gold? A: They don’t make the top four list but they’re helpful for refining the analysis. Take a look at bigcharts.marketwatch.com. Junior silver mining shares represented by this index have taken a huge plunge over the last 15 trading days. Silver […]

Gold investment sentiment indicators

19 Jan
Gold investment

Q: Thank you for the explanation of the criteria for inclusion in the short list. You have previously indicated four criteria for calling the low in the gold market. Could we review and expand upon that. Is gold investment a bad idea? You have also indicated that there are three level of understanding this: mental, […]

Why Gold Bullion and Gold Shares Diverge

13 Jan
Gold bullion ingots

Q: Why do price and wave pattern often diverge between gold bullion and gold shares? A: Different market participants trade in the gold bullion verses the shares. They respond differently to market conditions based on different needs, perceptions, and subjective judgements. In gold mining shares, there is no central bank intervention. In the bullion market, […]

Bull Market Expectation

28 Nov
Albin Egger-Lienz, Die Namenlosen (the Nameless), Vienna,, Heeresgeschichtliches Museum), 1916, Tempera on linen, 245 × 476 cm - Bull market

Q: Do you have an expectation of what will happen over the next few years in the gold market? A: Yes. I expect that after the low is in that we will have a three to five year bull market with prices dramatically higher than they are now. I have confidence in that expectation in […]