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Rights of Taxation Offshore

06 Nov
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The purpose of a Tax Treaty is to define which of two countries has the rights of taxation. Good Reason to Transfer, without current tax consequence, your IRA, 401k and 401a into a FASDIRA; but first the education as to why you have reason: Upon retirement when there is a Tax Treaty with the USA […]

Rare Industrial Metals and Silver for American Clients with IRAs

12 Jan
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A sound investment idea is to replace under-performing assets in your existing IRA/Roth account to establish a Rare Industrial Metals and Silver (RIMS IRA). This is a wise asset protection choice. Rare Industrial Metals are increasing in value and are estimated to continue growing due to their limited supply and high demand by key industries. […]

Invest Offshore with a Self-Directed IRA

14 Dec

CNN Money answers the question “Are You Better Off Than Your Mom and Dad?” The good news-young people still believe in the American Dream. The report shows that young women are slightly better off than their parents while young men are slightly worse off than their parents. American IRA wants to get the word out […]