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What Puerto Rico Tells Us About Global Trade

10 Oct
Puerto Rico flag

Trade in tax often trumps trade in tasks. The United States compiles data about Puerto Rico’s trade with the world. The largest supplier of imports to Puerto Rico? Ireland. The second largest? Singapore. Tax trumps gravity, it seems. Incidentally, Switzerland jumped into third place in the 2016 league table, leaping past other exporters of chemicals and Puerto […]

The Netherlands is world’s biggest conduit to offshore tax havens

27 Jul
Offshore Tax Havens

‘Only five big countries act as conduit-OFCs,’ the researchers from Corpnet said in a new report. ‘Together these five conduits channel 47% of corporate offshore investment from tax havens, according to the data we analysed.’ The two biggest conduits by far are the Netherlands (23%) and the United Kingdom (14%), followed by Switzerland (6%), Singapore […]

Foreign Companies Invest in the Netherlands at Record Rate in 2014

09 Mar
Amsterdam Zentrum, the Netherlands

NEW YORK, March 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The Netherlands reported record levels of capital investment by foreign companies in 2014, spurred by an attractive business climate. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) assisted in the attraction of 187 new foreign investment projects, representing nearly $3.5 billion in planned investment and the creation of 6,304 new […]