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Understanding Offshore Banking: Pros, Cons, and Legalities

23 May
Offshore banking island

Offshore banking, the practice of keeping money in a bank located outside one’s home country, often conjures images of secrecy, financial complexity, and even scandal. However, this concept is more than a plot device in a thriller movie. Offshore banking is a legitimate financial strategy used by individuals and businesses worldwide. Despite its reputation, it […]

RBC Wealth Management named Best Private Bank in the Channel Islands

31 Jul
Three great reasons to open a foreign bank account

RBC Wealth Management has continued its recent award success by being named the Best Private Bank in the Channel Islands at the 2012 World Finance Banking Awards. World Finance’s judging panel used a wide range of criteria to decide the recipients of the 2012 awards. These included assessing each firm’s performance, the variety and clarity […]

Fresh Approach to Private Offshore Banking

29 Nov
offshore banking

When you imagine private offshore banking it may involve a Swiss bank account or an ultra-secret Cayman private bank account nestled in beachy isolation. But to really achieve that safe haven of wealth that neither law courts nor governments can touch you may need to think outside the box. Today’s reality is that we are […]

Why Offshore Banking is Underutilised

24 Nov
offshore banking

There are many myths about international banking, and a stigma attached to the phrase ‘offshore banking’. Both can conjure stories of illicit financial activities on small islands and neutral, private banking institutions with renegade accounting tactics not condoned by reputable jurisdictions. These misconceptions sometimes arise out of context from extreme legal cases. Definition: A tax […]

Offshore Banking for Corporations

19 Oct
Sunset over Singapore

Usually banking goes hand in hand with offshore company formation. For legitimate tax minimisation purposes, it is customary to have a corporate bank account residing in a country different from the country of incorporation. This is commonly practised. For instance, a Singapore company is ideal for international business because company funds remitted outside of Singapore […]

Jersey remains top offshore centre and climbs into top ten centres globally for wealth management in latest GFCI

15 Oct
Central Market St. Helier, Jersey

Jersey has climbed two places, retained its position as the highest rated offshore international finance centre and enhanced its global reputation, according to the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) released on Monday 26th September 2011. Overall, Jersey is placed 21st in the competitive rankings, which are published every six months, ahead of Guernsey in […]

Top 10 Offshore Banks

13 Oct
offshore bank

No Such List of Offshore Banks Exists – There is no recognized list of the top offshore banks. What is the criteria one would use for such a list is a good question? Examples of rating criteria would be age, total assets, strength of loan portfolio, management, track record, currency, country of location and licensure, […]

Offshore Banking by Mobile Phone

02 Aug
mobile phone banking

BCN International Bank (Cayman) Ltd leads the Offshore Banking industry with strategic move to iPhone Setting new standards in enterprise mobility, BCN International Bank today confirmed that it has adopted the iPhone as its Smartphone of choice, one of the first and biggest corporate entities in the offshore banking industry to do so on such […]

Dubai Property Market News

27 Jul
Dubai Jumeirah Lake Towers

According to many industry professionals in the Middle East, the Dubai Property market is finally on the road to recovery. This has certainly been helped by the huge increase in demand from international buyers, many from the UK and the rest of Europe that are looking for a cheap investment property with good rental yields. […]

Isle of Man at the China Offshore Summit

20 Jul
Isle of Man crest

THE Isle of Man will be promoted as an international business centre at an event in Shanghai in October. Representatives from The ILS Group, Department of Economic Development and Capital International will attend the China Offshore Summit event on October 26 and 27. They will take part in a half day seminar event called The […]

Is Offshore Banking Right for You?

16 Jun
offshore piggy bank

Finding out how to begin investing offshore and if offshore banking is right for you depends on your individual needs and circumstances. Offshore bank accounts can be defined as an account that is located outside of a person’s domestic country’s bank that may offer desirable options that are not available to them in their homeland. […]