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Before You Buy or Sell an Offshore Business

17 Jun
Miami summer shower - Offshore Company

Buying an accessible offshore business, or any operational¬†business, anywhere, is often safer than starting one from scratch. As, the existing business has equipment and inventory, the offshore business is already situated at a particular location, in a favourable jurisdiction, plus the business has employees, you already have an active database of customers, and most importantly […]

Why Invest Offshore in New Zealand

10 Jul
New Zealand map from 1854

One may consider New Zealand as a jurisdiction for setting a trust and as a bastion for asset protection. So why New Zealand? In the 1930s the combination of the great depression and international political instability caused huge imbalances in the fiscal system of most world countries. Countries began to take draconian measures against their […]

Offshore Company Formation Primer

11 Jun
Offshore Company Formation

‘One size fits all’ does not apply to offshore company formation. The choice will often depend on what your aims are, be it tax reduction, asset protection or wealth management on a larger scale. Here we take a look at the different offshore companies on offer and why they are used. Offshore Corporations, which are […]

What Are the Advantages of Offshore Banking?

21 Jun
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Offshore banking can be immensely lucrative to many investors. This is primarily because an investment’s rate of interest is much higher in the case of numerous, offshore jurisdictions. Many offshore companies are established in a location that offers a low tax jurisdiction, which assists in earning a high rate of interest and thereby, generating much […]

Offshore Asset Protection for Brazilians

07 May
Brazil Offshore Bank

Brazilian Personal Taxation in Brief Under the Brazilian personal tax system, residents are taxed on their worldwide income, which includes interests and dividends from foreign sources. An individual is considered Brazilian resident for tax purposes if he remains in the country for 183 days, consecutive or not, during the course of a calendar year. Those […]

Offshore Company Formation FAQ’s

17 Apr
offshore corporation

If you are interested in registering a company in a foreign location, gathering as much information as possible will help ensure smoother planning and execution of business plans. Engaging the services of a specialist corporate services firm will assist with the process but following are some frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs undertaking offshore company formation. […]

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

12 Apr

There are many benefits of company incorporation in Dubai for businesses that wish to expand to other borders. Business is worth eighty billion dollars and this represents a one hundred percent increase since the year two thousand and five. Such is the growth that this area has achieved in a relatively short space of time. […]

British Virgin Islands as Offshore Financial Centre

06 Apr
Geoff Holt BVI stamp

The British Virgin Islands has reversed recent trends by becoming the only offshore financial centre to have its rating boosted in the latest Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 9). The improvement comes against a backdrop of decline among all other offshore jurisdictions. The ninth edition of the GFCI revealed that the BVI has improved its […]

Offshore Company Formation

23 Mar
Offshore Company Formation

The British Virgin Islands was fairly unknown until it got savvy with offshore legislation that made Offshore Company Formation lucrative and much sought after. This archipelago has come from far, what with their current massive investments in their offshore banking institutions and the tight but flexible legislation that have made many investors come in the […]