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Invest Offshore in a Gold Mine

04 Feb
Apatite Dolomite Pyrrhotite

Recently an overview for a Gold Project in Brazil reached my inbox, so naturally I have been sharing the opportunity with qualified people in my Network. However, since I’m always in need of valuable content for Invest Offshore and because (as mentioned in my videos) I’ve decided to start publishing more commodity and investment products […]

Panama Gold Bullion

06 Nov

Panama Gold Bullion – Small, Secure, Private The U.S. was once the center of invention, innovation, and inspiration; the home of the first light bulb, the first airplane, and the first solar cell. But over the years, the United States has been changing for the worse. The primary reason for this is too much control […]

Canada for Offshore Gold Storage

06 Oct

Invest Offshore with Gold in Canada Canada as an offshore tax haven? For sure, as long as you’re not a Canadian resident or citizens. Recently a leading Canadian newspaper published the article: A Canadian’s best tax haven? The U.S. The U.S. Is a Good Tax Haven for Canadians The U.S. meets virtually all of the […]

Precious Metals Market News

13 Jan
Gold nug

Gold Settles $16.90 Lower … ($1630.80) This week the February Gold futures traded a choppy and volatile $57.20 range as traders attempted to decipher the geo-political and economic data. The news this week was mostly bullish for precious metals however, the past session and a half has forced traders to liquidate and take profits as […]

Weekly Gold Futures Report

09 Dec
Top Down Pit

February Gold Futures Settle At $1716.80 For The Week… This week the February Gold futures contract covered a range of $55.60 with a high of $1760.50 and a low of $1704.90. The trade itself has been very choppy and volatile in a daily basis. It has been another week driven by news from the European […]

How to Invest Offshore in Gold

29 Oct
Invest offshore in gold

There have been few investments that have gone up as far and as fast as precious metals in the last several years. Precious metals like gold and silver are getting more and more popular today because people like having money invested in a real asset rather than just paper stocks or even cash. While there […]

Gold Report and Bank News

14 Oct
gold bars

GOLD SETTLES AT $1683.00 FOR THE WEEK Gold rallied today as global traders and investors reacted to more credit rating cuts, this along with higher crude oil prices sent speculators into the precious metals as an alternative “safe haven” investment choice. It also appears that physical buying has increased from India and China which has […]

CPM: Gold landscape radically altered

09 Aug
CPM Gold report

By Dorothy Kosich – RENO–(Mineweb.com) The “2005 Gold Survey” unveiled Tuesday by the New York-based CPM Group has concluded that several significant developments “have come together over the past year and a half to radically alter the gold landscape.” CPM found that gold mine production and average cash costs will continue to increase, the price […]