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Offshore Company Formation Primer

11 Jun
Offshore Company Formation

‘One size fits all’ does not apply to offshore company formation. The choice will often depend on what your aims are, be it tax reduction, asset protection or wealth management on a larger scale. Here we take a look at the different offshore companies on offer and why they are used. Offshore Corporations, which are […]

Top 5 Reasons for you to consider the Regulator Asset Protection Structure

02 Mar

1. We suspect that a typical US provider would be proposing a life or annuity structure product and those are regulated individually by each state in the United States, have no Federal registration and are not always recognized by any foreign government. A typical U.K. provider would propose a UK life policy savings plan, but […]

St. Kitts-Nevis Asset Protection

08 Apr
Saint Kitts and Nevis Map - Asset Protection

The “sovereign democratic federal state” of St. Christopher-Nevis (as its 1983 constitution ceremoniously describes it), has a governmental form and name almost bigger than its population (45,000), and total land area (267 sq. km.). But this tiny West Indies island nation, known to the natives as “St. Kitts-Nevis,” has become very big in certain exclusive […]