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Hong Kong ORSO Schemes for Overseas Retirement

30 Jun
Hong Kong ORSO Schemes

Knowing the differences in Hong Kong ORSO Schemes is what makes the difference because: OECD: Common Reporting Standard (CRS) disclosure facility to close in on retirement schemes in Hong Kong allegedly set up to circumvent CRS reporting. The OECD in May 2017 launched an online disclosure facility for information on schemes designed to or suspected to […]

Malta U.S. Pension Scheme Review

15 Jun
Malta U.S. Pension Scheme

If we wrote a book about the Malta U.S. Pension Scheme it would be about 12 pages even if we covered everything imaginable in great detail…otherwise it would be a couple of paragraphs and not worthy of a white paper because it is NOT an occupational retirement plan it is a life time annuity with […]

China HNWI invest offshore into USA

29 Apr
China HNWI

Chinese High Net Worth Individuals (China HNWI) living in the PRC and wanting to invest offshore in income producing property in the USA (e.g. office building, shopping mall, apartment complex), can’t find a better opportunity. China HNWI investment money is transferred as a contribution to his Hong Kong (HK) pension via the Shanghai through train […]

Seraph Summit to Present the Panama Papers Antidote

06 Apr
fitness-strength-strong - Seraphin Global

IRS Compliant “On the Grid” Offshore Asset Protection Structures Presented at the Seraph Summit The massive leak of documents from a secretive Panamanian law firm… it’s the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca, contain details of various world leaders’ offshore companies – over 70 current and former world leaders in fact! This includes […]

Planning on Hiding Behind Banking Secrecy?

05 Apr
Golden Dragon - China Investment and banking secrecy

Things have changed that make citizens of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and all “high net worth individuals” (HNWI) a target now. Hiding assets PRC style (off the grid) and pretending someone else called ”Aunty”, a business, trust or nominee account owns them puts you at criminal risk needlessly. ORSO402(b) legal non-disclosure programming has […]