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The Privacy of Pensions

02 Oct

Pensions and Privacy Many countries have laws imposing secrecy on information about retirement plans (pensions) and this is in essence why FATCA allows for the ‘limited conditional’ category. By their very nature, retirement plans are viewed and governed differently. There are sanctions on dealing with retirement plan information which only a Regulator can decide on. […]

Sun Life Financial to acquire pension business of FWD Hong Kong

05 Aug
Hong Kong pension business

Will strengthen Sun Life Financials’ position in the Hong Kong pension market TORONTO, Aug. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ – Sun Life Financial Inc. (TSX: SLF) (NYSE: SLF) announced today that Sun Life Hong Kong Limited (“Sun Life HK”) will acquire the pension business of FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited (“FWD”), consisting of Mandatory Provident Fund […]

Canada Pension Plan to Invest Offshore

31 Mar
Canda pension plan to invest offshore

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Invests EUR480 Million in the Mandatory Exchangeable Facility of LeasePlan TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – March 30, 2016) – Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, CPPIB Credit Investments Inc., has completed the funding of EUR480 million in the Mandatory Exchangeable Facility of LeasePlan. This investment […]

Personal Pension and Foreign Investment Account

23 Mar
Personal pension from old glory

Trade risk for security offshore – Overseas Personal Pension The simple solution is to centralize your investment into a U.S. IRS fully compliant tax free trading environment. This can be accomplished by using a US – onshore regulated Trustee and using a self Directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Foreign Investment Account. You can easily rollover […]

US Expats and Pension Taxation

22 Feb
ford mustang stallion - US Expats and Pension Taxation

On the subject of tax, Americans attending a recent one-day conference in London aimed at US expats seemed most concerned about how the US is likely to tax their non-US pensions, according to an expert on such tax matters, who spoke at the event. “Some of them have got certain kinds of older, defined-benefit pensions that […]

New Tax system is hostile to Trusts

04 Jan
Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - The Pirate Publishe - Restoration by Adam Cuerden - Trusts

The tax system is generally hostile to foreign trusts. The hostility is understandable– trusts interfere with the government’s ability to impose or collect tax. As a result, the laws are slanted against foreign trusts. Income is taxed punitively. The right paperwork must be prepared “just so” and filed on time, or massive penalties can result. […]

Pension Planning Tips

30 Sep
Snow flakes highly magnified by a low-temperature scanning electron microscope (SEM). The colours are called "pseudo colours", they are computer generated and are a standard technique used with SEM images - Pension planning

What is a Pension? An annuity is not as what individuals think it is, and it assuredly isn’t just for old individuals. A personal pension is basically a simple thing: It is just a tax-free pot of money you, your manager (and at times the Government) pays into, as a way for putting something aside […]

Who Controls Your Retirement Funds: You Or The Government?

14 Jul
Ubsunur Hollow State Biosphere Reserve - Retirement Fund

Qualified Money For Retirement Has Strings Attached People make a mistake when they feel as though they’ve lost control of their qualified retirement plans – they never had control in the first place, says retirement advisor Mark Cardoza. “Qualified retirement funds – whether we’re talking about an IRA, 401(k), Contributory or Defined Benefit Pension Plan, […]

Is an Offshore Pension Right for You?

18 Apr
Why an offshore pension - Rum Point, BWI

If you’re saving towards retirement and you have the means at your disposal to protect your savings in as many ways as possible, you might consider looking offshore to help you manage your pension. Governments, at least those in high-tax countries, often have a variety of ways to encourage people to save for retirement: tax-free […]