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Victory Lap Retirement – New Life Stage Between a Primary Career and Full-Stop Retirement

25 Apr

Seasoned Professionals Create Their Own Rules for Work-Life Balance and Fulfillment LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Victory Lap Retirement, a new book co-authored by Rob Morrison, CFP®, looks at the rapidly changing world of retirement and the emerging trend of successful professionals who choose to downshift into a Victory Lap or Encore Career. […]

Transamerica Institute Announces “Improving Women’s Retirement Security”

23 Mar
Women's Retirement Security

Women face unique challenges and circumstances that put them at an even greater risk of not achieving a financially secure retirement, compared to men. A special one-hour edition of ClearPath – Your Roadmap to Health & Wealth will offer insights into the particular risks women face and clear-cut steps they can take to improve their […]

Seventeen Startling Facts That Sum Up Women’s Retirement Risks

02 Mar
Black and white image of women stretching on beach - Women's Retirement Risks

Today, nonprofit Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies® (TCRS) has released a new research report, Seventeen Facts About Women’s Retirement Outlook, which sheds light on vulnerabilities unique to women in their efforts to prepare for a secure retirement. The report is based on findings from TCRS’ 17th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers, and is being […]

How To Survive Retirement In A Pension-less Society

25 Oct
Pension-less Society - Pier at sunset

Most people nearing retirement have had to adapt to a changing world along the way. At one time, retirement rested on what financial professionals like to refer to as a three-legged stool – Social Security, savings and a pension. That stool went wobbly, though, when most private-sector pensions began to disappear. “Years ago, the idea […]

Investor Sentiment Survey Report

05 Jul
Investor Sentiment Survey Report

Investor Sentiment Jumps Six Points in 2016’s Second Quarter, Following Three Quarterly Declines BOSTON, July 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Investor sentiment increased in the second quarter of 2016 as measured by the John Hancock Investor Sentiment Index, rising to +25 from +19 in the first quarter of this year. Sentiment had reached an all-time high of […]

U.S. Retirement Savers, Investors and Obama

17 Jun
President Obama and U.S. retirement savers and investors

$17 Billion a Year at Stake for U.S. Retirement Savers and Investors if House of Representatives Overrides President’s Veto Wednesday Millions of U.S. retirement savers and investors could suffer an estimated $17 billion in higher fees and lower returns on their nest eggs each year if the U.S. House of Representatives votes Wednesday to override […]

America’s Retirement Crisis

25 May
America’s Retirement Crisis

America’s Retirement Crisis Highlights The Need For Better Financial Advice Ideally, people investing for retirement always should have been able to feel confident that their financial advisors were giving them unbiased advice and recommending what was best for them. That wasn’t necessarily the case, though, which prompted the Department of Labor to issue new fiduciary rules […]

3 Avoidable Errors That Could Upend Your Retirement Plans

24 May
Retirement Plans

As older Americans approach retirement, many may be realizing their financial planning isn’t what it should have been. That could mean they need to postpone retirement – or abandon the idea altogether. “Most people don’t spend much time even thinking about retirement,” says Stephen Ng, author of “10 Financial Mistakes You Should Avoid: Strategies Designed […]

Best Overseas Retirement Havens

25 Feb
overseas retirement havens

Three Most Affordable Overseas Retirement Havens in 2016 — InternationalLiving.com Cost of living can be a major concern for people on fixed pension, annuity, and other retirement income sources. In International Living’s 2016 Global Retirement Index, three countries stand out from the top 23 retirement locations in the world as having the best cost of […]