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Short Selling vs Casino Gambling

23 Feb
Four aces - short-selling

Q: When a proposal for short selling is presented, a frequent objection is that profit potential is limited in that the shares can only go down to zero but losses are potentially infinite since there is no limit, in theory, to how high the stock price can go. How do you answer such an objection? […]

Fixed System Short List #2

15 Feb
Tesla - short list

Q:I understand that you’ve started a second short list. Can you give us more details? A: Yes, the Fixed System Short List #2. Criteria for getting on the list are as follows: A prior price rise greater than 500% A large market capitalization that makes further price rises unlikely to exceed 33% Sufficient opportunity for […]

Stock Market Capitulation

11 Feb
stock market capitulation exit

Regarding Stock Market Capitulation Q: I see that Tesla Motors was down to $148 yesterday (written on Feb 9.) from $211 on January 8, 2016 when you placed it on your short list. That comes out to a 60% rate of return on a retail margin for short selling of 50% in less than a […]

Subjective Value Wins over Government Intervention

10 Feb
wrench rust - subjective value

Why, in Applying the Fixed System, Does Subjective Value Win over Government Intervention? A market price refers to what a willing buyer and a willing seller will contractually agree. To the extent that force or fraud exists, as it does with all government intervention, the transaction is not willing and therefore does not reflect a […]

The Fixed System Short List

09 Feb
fixed system short list

The Fixed System Short List TSLA closed February 2, 2016 at $182.78, a drop of $28.22 in just eighteen days. That’s a profit of 26% if your broker requires a 50% retail margin on a short sale, and better than double if you’re trading options, in this case put options. For a portfolio manager, the […]