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How To Defeat The Globalist System

27 Jan
Couple, Kissing, Hugging, Love, Man, Woman, Romance after defeating the Globalists

Submitted to Zero Hedge by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, In my last two articles, ‘How Globalists Predict Your Behavior’ and ‘How To Predict The Behavior Of Globalists’, I explained the base fundamentals behind a concept with which most people are unfamiliar. They are so unfamiliar with it, in fact, that I didn’t bother to name […]

What would Jesse Livermore and Sun Tzu be doing in today’s gold market?

20 Jan
Jesse Livermore

Q: What would Jesse Livermore and Sun Tzu be doing in today’s gold market? A: Lusting for blood. Both would understand that there is a historic opportunity to make serious money in the next few years. Civil unrest is coming. The Art of Speculation during Civil War Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore The people controlling […]

A political solution that Trumps economics

22 Sep
Fear is a Man's Best Friend - Political solution

Q: Is there ever a political solution that Trumps economics? A: That is a very good question. Yes and no is the answer. Politicians can institute economic reforms. There can be a correlation but that does not prove causation. Trump may adopt radical economic reform that helps solve problems and that may only be possible […]

Value of a Diamond in the Rough

14 Dec
X-Ray crystallography is a tool used for identifying the atomic and molecular structure of a crystal. The movement of the machine during 80 second scan can give different view on how relatively slow scientific measurements can look frozen in time by shutter speed of 90 seconds Diamond in the rough

Q: I’m having trouble understanding your statement that all value is subjective. I can clearly see how it applies to a diamond, but not to food. Food is necessary for life. Its value seems to be inherent or fundamental to the food itself. But you cannot eat a diamond. Its value is determined by passing […]

The Money Illusion

25 Jun
Money USD notes

Freedom is, in the historical context, a new idea. Perhaps 97 percent of the time, tyranny has ruled men’s lives. Sun Tzu was popular 2,500 years ago and remains so today while Ludwig von Mises received only a passing mention in the last century. Though one explored the science of war and the other the […]

The Art of War

23 Jun
Sun Tzu

To understand how governments manufacture consent from the people they govern, it is helpful to examine a classic text about military strategy, “The Art of War.” This work has been attributed to Sun Tzu who is thought to have lived in China about 2,500 years ago. Some authorities believe this is a collective work. If […]

The Art of Speculation during Civil War

09 Jun
Johnnie Walker splash - Speculation

Sun Tzu Meets Jesse Livermore The people controlling corporations have insider information and can therefore trade their company’s stock at an advantage to the general public. In most jurisdictions this is a violation of criminal law. However, there are groups to whom the prohibition against insider trading does not apply, for instance, members of the […]