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Impact Investing: A Sustainable Offshore Strategy

11 Sep
Impact Investing: A Sustainable Offshore Strategy

The traditional paradigm of offshore investing has been largely focused on tax efficiency, diversification, and higher returns. However, a new wave of investors is seeking to add another layer to offshore investment strategies—sustainability. Impact investing is increasingly becoming an offshore strategy that not only considers the potential for significant financial returns but also measures and […]

SRI Research Prize Winner: Impact Investing “Supply” Failing to Meet Demand

10 Nov
Blue model of power supply

The SRI Conference Announces Moskowitz Prize Winner: Study Shows Europe’s Demand for Impact Funds Over Traditional Investments Three Times Higher Than in North America DENVER, CO. AND BERKELEY, CA (November 10, 2016) — The demand for impact investing alternatives is outstripping the available supply of such choices for investors, according to a new study awarded […]