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U.S. PIRG Statement on Treasury Rule to Limit Corporate Tax Avoidance

15 Oct
Tax avoidance

Statement from U.S. PIRG advocate Michelle Surka on new Treasury Department rule to limit multinational corporate tax avoidance: “We applaud the step the Treasury Department has taken to curb the epidemic of corporate tax avoidance. Based on early analysis, the new rule introduced by the Treasury could recover close to $600 million worth of federal […]

World Bank and IMF: Where do they stand on progressive and responsible taxation?

09 Aug
World Bank Photo Collection

The IMF and the World Bank are increasingly engaged with the challenge of addressing how tax avoidance and evasion affect developing countries. However, their approach needs to go much further to address the role played by multinational enterprises and tax havens in exacerbating inequality and undermining countries’ domestic revenues. The World Bank and the IMF […]

Tax Mitigation vs. Tax Evasion

23 Oct

Most of the bad word of mouth associated with offshore investment, tax havens and the like involves an interchange of the phrases ‘tax mitigation’ and ‘tax evasion’. As the focus of tax law in the United States and elsewhere turns to tightening a grip on ‘lost’ revenue from offshore investment holders (a seemingly punitive series […]

About personal tax avoidance

23 Nov
Satellite image of Bahamas in April 2000 - About Personal Tax Avoidance by Bill Cara

By Bill Cara – All the economic powers of the world are high rate income tax jurisdictions. Without lots of your money they wouldn’t have as much power. The United States is the only major country in the world that taxes its citizens globally, wherever they reside, in or out of the USA. Unlike citizens […]