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Tax havens hidden in plain sight

15 Feb
anchor of the tax havens

Many of the world’s most secretive tax havens, ranging from Anguilla to Uruguay, are set to open their books to foreign tax by 2017. A year later, dozens more, including Belize, Hong Kong and Singapore, are set to follow suit. Among them is Switzerland, abandoning a tradition of secrecy that dates back at least as […]

Dubai IFC & UAE Offshore Tax Haven

07 Jul
United Arab Emirates

Dubai is without a doubt the most exciting International Finance Centre in the world and although a relative start-up as an offshore tax havens, it’s rapidly become the most dynamic banking and financial hub of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai has now grown big enough in the global banking scene to earn it’s own […]

What Are the Advantages of Offshore Banking?

21 Jun
offshore privacy

Offshore banking can be immensely lucrative to many investors. This is primarily because an investment’s rate of interest is much higher in the case of numerous, offshore jurisdictions. Many offshore companies are established in a location that offers a low tax jurisdiction, which assists in earning a high rate of interest and thereby, generating much […]

Cook Islands Offshore Banking

18 May
Coat of arms of Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Are A Beautiful Place For Tax Free Investing And Offshore Banking. Probably one of least important features required of a tax haven, is beauty. But if an investor is planning on spending any time in the region where they do their banking, the Cook Islands offer a beautiful setting for tax free […]

How to Move Money Offshore

25 Apr
Rock of Gibraltar - Move money offshore

We are going to discuss the movement of funds from your own country or another country to an offshore bank presumably in an offshore tax haven. We are not going to discuss any illegal scenarios. Why do People Move Money and Assets Offshore – Many of you will first think taxes? Well you are wrong. […]

St. Kitts-Nevis Asset Protection

08 Apr
Saint Kitts and Nevis Map - Asset Protection

The “sovereign democratic federal state” of St. Christopher-Nevis (as its 1983 constitution ceremoniously describes it), has a governmental form and name almost bigger than its population (45,000), and total land area (267 sq. km.). But this tiny West Indies island nation, known to the natives as “St. Kitts-Nevis,” has become very big in certain exclusive […]

DeltaQuest Group Launches MyBankingLicense.com

21 Mar
Pier of colours

Limassol, Cyprus, 03/21/2011 – DeltaQuest Group has launched another of their online specialized service portals: MyBankingLicense, which is specifically designed to assist clients in obtaining offshore banking licenses in over 15 jurisdictions worldwide. MyBankingLicense.com offers clients from across the globe assistance in acquiring both onshore and offshore banking licenses. The DeltaQuest Group consultants have expert […]

Luxembourg To Introduce New Investment Vehicle

09 Mar
Luxembourg entrepreneur investment

The Luxembourg Parliament has adopted a law on Specialized Investment Funds (SIF), which offers a number of new features, including a broader definition of “eligible investors” to include both professional and private “well-informed” investors. The new law replaces the law of 19 July, 1991 which concerned collective investment schemes reserved for institutional investors. According to […]

Global Investors Pour Money Into Ireland

10 Jan
Money Into Ireland

Ireland has become the jurisdiction of choice for high value investments in hi-tech manufacturing plants, research and development projects and financial services according to the Irish government’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA Ireland) as it marked an “outstanding” year for growth and new investments in 2006. “Ireland is now seeking and winning high value investments, that […]