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The Fed’s Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease

31 Mar

(Bloomberg Opinion) March 27, 2020 — The economic debate of the day centers on whether the cure of an economic shutdown is worse than the disease of the virus. Similarly, we need to ask if the cure of the Federal Reserve (Fed) getting so deeply into corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, commercial paper, and exchange-traded funds […]

U.S. PIRG Statement on Treasury Rule to Limit Corporate Tax Avoidance

15 Oct
Tax avoidance

Statement from U.S. PIRG advocate Michelle Surka on new Treasury Department rule to limit multinational corporate tax avoidance: “We applaud the step the Treasury Department has taken to curb the epidemic of corporate tax avoidance. Based on early analysis, the new rule introduced by the Treasury could recover close to $600 million worth of federal […]