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Regulations Call Out Beneficial Ownership of Trusts and Life Insurance

16 Dec
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The past global trend has been that life insurance or trusts based plans were set up offshore for the purpose to be an after tax contribution savings plan financed and administered through either an insurance company or trust company arrangement. In today’s automatic exchange of financial information annually reported they are not acknowledged tax and […]

New Tax system is hostile to Trusts

04 Jan
Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - The Pirate Publishe - Restoration by Adam Cuerden - Trusts

The tax system is generally hostile to foreign trusts. The hostility is understandable– trusts interfere with the government’s ability to impose or collect tax. As a result, the laws are slanted against foreign trusts. Income is taxed punitively. The right paperwork must be prepared “just so” and filed on time, or massive penalties can result. […]

What a Trust Can Do

22 Nov
Trust can do

A trust may be created for any purpose that is not illegal or void as against public policy. A trust can hold title to and invest in real estate, cash, stocks, bonds, negotiable instruments and personal property. Trusts can provide care for minor children or the elderly; or pay medical, educational or other expenses. A […]