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The Netherlands is world’s biggest conduit to offshore tax havens

27 Jul
Offshore Tax Havens

‘Only five big countries act as conduit-OFCs,’ the researchers from Corpnet said in a new report. ‘Together these five conduits channel 47% of corporate offshore investment from tax havens, according to the data we analysed.’ The two biggest conduits by far are the Netherlands (23%) and the United Kingdom (14%), followed by Switzerland (6%), Singapore […]

The Sustainable Infrastructure Imperative

06 Oct
Paris Business District - Sustainable infrastructure

Washington, D.C., October 6, 2016: A major new report from the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate calls on governments and finance institutions to scale up and shift investment for sustainable infrastructure as a fundamental strategy to spur growth. “Investing in sustainable infrastructure is essential to solve all the world’s most pressing problems,” said […]

Exploration of the Offshore Investment Market

29 Sep
offshore investment marketplace

This report presents findings from qualitative research designed to gain further insight into the offshore investment market. Document Exploration of the Offshore Investment Market PDF, 635KB, 48 pages Detail This research was commissioned by HMRC to provide further insight into the operation of the offshore investment market. The specific aims were to: collect views and […]

The British Connection

03 Mar
New City of London crest - British Connection

The healthy bilateral relations between the UK and Tunisia were reinforced by the recent visit of Michael Savory, the lord mayor of the City of London. The three-day work trip from February 17-20 aimed to promote British interests already in Tunisia and encourage further investment. With the UK still a major investor in Tunisia, both […]