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White Dragon Society, IMF, GCR, Heritage Bonds and Bank Trading Programs

10 Jan
White dragon society and bank trading programs

Over the past several years we have received requests from dozens of legitimate groups claiming to have imminent closings and requesting us to supply them with high level receiving bank accounts and trading programs. Not a single one has ever received any funds. • Chinese Bonds – The Beijing government has stopped redeeming these. They […]

World Bank and IMF: Where do they stand on progressive and responsible taxation?

09 Aug
World Bank Photo Collection

The IMF and the World Bank are increasingly engaged with the challenge of addressing how tax avoidance and evasion affect developing countries. However, their approach needs to go much further to address the role played by multinational enterprises and tax havens in exacerbating inequality and undermining countries’ domestic revenues. The World Bank and the IMF […]

Will Oil Always Be Priced in Dollars?

01 Oct

The oil industry began in Texas and so oil is priced in dollars. In 2009, however, the Independent reported what would be a highly-profound move: the Gulf States, China, Japan, France and Russia were negotiating to end dollar-denominated dealings in oil. Use would instead be made of a basket of currencies including the euro, Chinese […]