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Wishes Aside, Gold Is Going To Fly

17 Apr
Gold Is Going To Fly

By Chris at www.CapitalistExploits.at Sure, it may just go to $650 an ounce first, which incidentally would be awesome for those of us who love going long asymmetry. Rest assured however, when the wheels truly come off of what is easily the craziest monetary experiment of modern times, there will be no stopping gold from running. […]

The Greatest Crash Of Your Life Is Just Ahead… – warns Harry Dent

24 Mar
Greatest crash

Harry Dent, best-selling author and economist, has warned that the stock bubble in the U.S. today is the biggest in history and that the “greatest crash of your life is just ahead…” Writing on his website EconomyandMarkets.com, Dent warned that The story on Wall Street and CNBC continues to be that we’re in a correction […]