Tax Free Offshore Investment made Affordable

16 Dec

Financial advisers and investment bankers are rife with information on the latest investment investment ventures, market trends and financial analysis. With so many advisers and bankers dipping their hand into the proverbial pot, the right offshore investment choice for your assets can often be unclear.

1928 gold 20 dollar bill

1928 gold-backed $20 dollar bill

Suddenly, these questions pop into your head.

  • Do I invest in the stock market? The market has been so volatile lately, is it wise?
  • Do I just put my money in CDs or place them in special accounts with my local bank?
  • Do I just save money through my 401k and hope I don’t lose my job and the 401k plan that goes with it?
  • Do I put my money in some Swiss bank account? Do people really do that?

Your thought process may not follow that specific pattern, but these are common questions asked by individuals, just like you, who are looking to maximize their investment efforts and capitalize on their hard earned money.

For years, offshore banking has been the go to option for many individuals. By securing funds off of United States soil, investments are no longer taxed by the IRS–essentially earning you more money than if it were invested in America. However, with recent developments and changes in the offshore banking structure with the addition of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), United States tax payers are now required to claim even their offshore funds. What’s more, the FATCA requires foreign financial institutions to report any U.S. taxpayers with accounts or assets within their facility–eliminating any chance for tax evasion.

So, can tax avoidance be legal? Depends on how you approach your investments. By securing your money through Private Placement Life Insurance, you’re essentially hiding your investment under the guise of life insurance–completely legal, completely secure and completely effective. By purchasing a hedge fund or mutual fund within your designated insurance policy, you’re investing your money through an institution you can trust–and the bonus is that it’s completely tax free. Because insurance policies are never taxed, you’re essentially getting a two for one deal on your insurance and investment strategy. Talk about a bonus!

If you’re in the process of planning your will or estate, consider Private Placement Life Insurance as part of your plan. Private Placement Life Insurance allows you the opportunity to accrue tax free interest during your life time and, upon your death, the cash value will be passed along to your heir or beneficiary completely tax free as well.

This 100 percent legal means of investing your well earned assets is a great way of securing your future through an investment you can trust. Why not start today? Contact us and we’ll introduce you to a financial adviser to explain how Private Placement Life Insurance is the best option for offshore investing and protecting your assets–and your future.

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