I am a FATCA victim. All my wealth has been frozen for over four years now despite the fact that I had paid IRS all taxes on my account in my home country, Switzerland. Without access to these funds I cannot obtain the foreign residency needed to have a chance at re-claiming the money I worked all my life to put aside for my retirement. I do not qualify for social security or any country’s social programs, and often wonder how I will next be able to buy next week’s food. FATCA is a shameful, immoral, unconstitutional act of international piracy by the U.S., mostly targeting defenseless retired people such as myself. Why are no protests going on against this fascistic abomination?

We have to laugh. But it’s so serious. I was listening to Julian Assange in an interview with John pilfer about Hillary’s donors and evil association with the Saudis and Qatar (who are funding the terrorist ISIS groups, Al Nusra etc,) she knows all this and she’s running for president! She should be in an orange jumpsuit! Prison for killary!

All problems are nothing more then a LACK of information, with that said the only one’s to blame for this economic collapse is every human lacking knowledge ME INCLUDED. The only way to gain all knowledge is by valuing every human’s perspective not just a few. We as human’s evolve, gain knowledge once we decide to actually receive information. The most dangerous group of people are experts, they stop receiving information, there is no such thing as an expert while we experience social problems. I fear genius’s more then anything that is why I am always open to being wrong but require to be proven wrong so I know I am in fact wrong about something. Our problem is we focus on what is wrong and we fail to paint a picture of what is right. I follow the person who suggests solutions, what does it look like, how would it work – that is the conversation that is more productive. We need a new justice system one that results a win/win not a lose/win, that is possible and would love that conversation on how that works and what it looks like.

First I would like to say thank you & your team for all of the time & energy put into providing the best possible resourceful information that’s increasing mine as well as many others offshore knowledge.

Im 27, currently living in the U.S. & have been working on my business plan the past few months to present to investors for capital to start up my first business. Research provided by “Invest Offshore” & “Sovereign Man” along with a few others has helped me understand & strongly believe that I need to form & start my very first business corporation / LLC offshore. I would like more one on one specific mentored advice from the “Invest Offshore” team on the certain procedure route I need to take to make my dream business & lifestyle a reality. Im very interested & concerned in living abroad becoming a expat (South American area) & working to get citizenship for myself & family for a much more affordable & safer lifestyle.

I have a website Im currently putting together & would like to start an online store business that sells my company’s brand products abroad to individuals & physical businesses (local stores, fitness gyms & events, restaurants, etc). I would like to receive sound advice on international trademarking for my company’s logo in countries I would like to market, sell & manufacture in such as (China, South America, North America, etc..), what preferred country(s) to manufacturing my company’s products in for no or lowest taxes provided, the best possible country to incorporate an online business, banking structure (merchant accounts) in the best country for holding my company’s assets, where to hold exclusive rights of intellectual property created by the company for protection, forming the perfect trust that’s bull proof, procedures of setting up a parent company & subsidiary companies throughout other countries.

I would like as much information & advice as possible to include into the closure of my business plan. Also, the timeframe & financial outlook on me living abroad such as (legal citizenship / passport paper work process, cost of living abroad, cost of incorporating & opening bank account) or questions I should consider answering while making these very important decisions in forming my business offshore.

Your channel is awesome, I’m glad I came across it.

I started watching the videos and then heard you mention you were living in Sao Paulo which really got me interested.

I’ve flown down 5 times or so since 2010, and even though it might not be for everyone…Brazil has one of the strongest economies IMO, I would love to see what would happen to the phony economy here in the US with12% interest rates or not having the reserve currency. people really have no idea!

i own a personal training gym here in st. louis, but the US is going to get rocked this decade. I’m getting as much gold as i can and i’m out!
much love and respect to all of the brics!

let’s touch base sometime if you can…thanks for putting the videos out there, too

No, sir. It is a society corrupt from the highest fazenda owner to the lowliest favela denizen. When you first see Brazil, injustice and corruptions screams out you from all directions. Education alone is not enough. Something within the mindset of the Brazilian must change.

That is very well put. However, I feel no time in history has there been more country s printing money and going broke that you will see a one world government.That one world government will not care about this law or this piece of paper. It will come in and take whatever it wants. All the governments around the world are killing capital as we speak. that is why people are trying to run to places that have been safe for hundreds of years.I hope I am wrong about that.

Attacking tax havens around the globe will only increase the cash flow into the USA (Big Daddy) by non-citizens; no different than the UN Arms Treaty, controlling and regulating arms sales around the world, reducing the number of players in the market, again increasing Big Daddy’s share of the #1 spot………….