The 2018 Global Fintech Investment Summit

22 Mar

Shenzhen City Center - Global Fintech Investment Summit

Turning Nanshan District into an International Innovation Center for Financial Technology

SHENZHEN, ChinaMarch 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — March 22st saw the start of the “2018 Global Fintech Investment (Shenzhen China) Summit” in Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The summit was hosted by the Guangdong Province Department of Commerce and the MOITI (Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment), and organized by the Shenzhen Internet Finance Association, China Resources (Shenzhen) Limited, the Nanshan District Financial Services Office and the InTeahouse Boston Technology Venture Center with support from the Nanshan District People’s Government.

Present at the summit, among other distinguished guests, were Chen Yuehua, deputy director general of the Guangdong Province Department of Commerce, Liu Daping, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Government Financial Services Office, Xiao Hui, deputy head of Nanshan District, and Sheng Bin, former deputy secretary general of the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government (and advisor to Shenzhen Internet Finance Association). Wang Qiang, secretary of the Nanshan District Party Committee, and Zeng Pai, the head of Shenzhen’s Nanshan District, met with the guests and congratulated them on the success of the summit.

The summit was also attended by the Nobel laureate for Economics Mr. Eric Maskin, as well as deans from the world’s top colleges, such as the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyStanford University and the International School of Brandeis, along with the director of the Fentech Laboratory, and representatives from world-renowned enterprises such as Google and Morgan Stanley. In all, there were more than 30 international finance experts, academics and high-tech representatives, all gathered to discuss the future of financial technology.

Xiao Hui, the deputy head of Nanshan District, addressed the summit. He said that Nanshan is located at the golden estuary of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and thus uniquely positioned to develop financial technology. In the future, Nanshan District will play an important part in the global fintech revolution, and seize the opportunity of wider-ranging financial freedom to create a first-class business environment. This financial technology center will help to grow Shenzhen into an international center for financial innovation, and Guangdong province into a strong financial region.

Mr. Chen Yuehua, deputy director general of the Guangdong Province Department of Commerce, started by welcoming the guests who had travelled from far and wide. In order to build a successful fintech service platform and connect scientific and technical resources with financial capital, the Guangdong Provincial Government recently issued An Opinion on promoting the Integrated Development of Technology and Finance and A Few Opinions on promoting the Development of Financial Services through InnovationGuangdong province also hopes that entrepreneurs and talented individuals from all industries represented at the conference will take the opportunity to fully connect scientific resources with financial capital, and thus jointly promote future fintech cooperation between Guangdong and the USA.

During the summit, the attendees discussed the world’s most advanced financial technology, and tried to devise ways that fintech can better serve human development, while promoting technical and academic exchanges in the global financial field. This would help speed up the cultivation of emerging financial industries, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the financial and banking industries, thus enhancing the core competitiveness of the city of Shenzhen so that it can gradually develop into a world-class financial center.

After the summit, Wang Qiang, secretary of the Nanshan District Party committee, and Zeng Pai, head of Shenzhen’sNanshan District, held in-depth talks with the distinguished guests. Wang Qiang congratulated those present on the outcome of the summit and expressed his thanks to Eric Maskin for coming to Shenzhen to share his wisdom and experiences. Fintech is a systematic, innovative arrangement of a variety of financial instruments, systems, policies and services. Nanshan District thus hopes to have more frequent dealings with experts, scholars and enterprises from the international world of fintech. Zeng Pai also agreed that the development of fintech in Nanshan District is an important part of the current innovation-driven development strategy. It will be a driving force behind accelerated industrial growth and upgrading, and an important engine for Shenzhen’s transformation into an international center of innovation for science and technology. In the future, Nanshan District will continue to create new fintech demonstration sites, offer policy support for the development of fintech-related industries, and strive to publicize its experiences throughout China and the rest of the world.

The summit was climaxed when a ceremony was held for global promotion of “Nanshan Fintech City”. As an industry-city integration demonstration project operated by Nanshan District People’s Government and China Resources in the core area of Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan Fintech City will establish an industry chain-wide system with “industries, universities, investors and start-ups at the core”, to build a professional training base with support from Peking University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, set up a large number of financial laboratories to attract medium and large-sized financial institutions, and develop fintech by offering it traditional financial investment and loan services.

Shenzhen Internet Finance Association, one of the summit’s principal organizers, is committed to fully integrating and utilizing the resources of all parties concerned, in order to bring in a significant number of talented individuals from the fintech world, thus forming teams and guiding policy planning. It will also continue to lead the industry and make contributions to the development of fintech in Shenzhen.

SOURCE Shenzhen Internet Finance Association

Fintech Investment photo credit: 11×16 Design Studio on Visual Hunt / CC BY-ND

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