Thinking of moving your IRA Offshore like Mitt Romney?

06 Feb

Get Greater Investment Options through a “Self-Directed” IRA!

Mitt RomneyThrough a self-directed IRA clients can open the doors to greater investment choices. There are few limitations on the types of assets suitable for retirement plans. Investments such as gold, silver, offshore hedge funds, foreign currencies, private stock, and foreign real-estate are available through the use of a self-directed plan. These options are not frequently offered by conventional plans.

Most IRA assets are stuck in products with mediocre returns, brought to them by mediocre advisors. In fact, many people consider IRA funds “dead money”, but that doesn’t have to be the case with a self-directed IRA.

How does it work? The client rolls over their current IRA or old 401K into a self-directed IRA. The self-directed IRA owns a corporation or LLC,which holds the assets. The client opens an account with an offshore investment firm in the name of the corporation and invests the asset for growth. This is a tax compliant way for clients to grow their assets on a tax deferred basis. This is similar to what presidential candidate Mitt Romney has setup according to the Wall Street Journal. works with an offshore investment firm that can educate clients and easily walk them through the setup process. They will roll-over the clients current IRA or old 401K, and help clients form a company or LLC. Once it is setup they canprovide clients with the platform, products, and knowledge to help you manage assets for growth. Clients will benefit from professional asset management, ability to trade 80+ global markets, precious metal storage, multi-currency accounts, and access to offshore hedge funds. They specialize in providing private asset management with low or no correlation to the boarder US markets.

If you are ready to open the doors to greater investment options for your retirement assets, or want more information contact us today.

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  1. adrianfellows6 February 9, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    Interesting reading, seems Mitt Romney should have invested offshore through the investor resource I use

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