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Mission of Invest Offshore

Independent Offshore Investment Advisers

Invest Offshore specializes in asset protection, offshore investment and offshore banking information. Our team provides Company Formation in any International Finance Center (IFC) and assists clients in establishing online trading accounts for global markets.

We connect you with an independent financial adviser network, specialists in the offshore marketplace.
Our objective is to help expatriates find, evaluate and set-up tax-deferred offshore accounts, designed to meet their requirements for legal and confidential, government regulated asset protection.

Overseas Retirement and Investment Planning

Our Services are especially beneficial for CLIENTS:

  • Living, Working or Investing abroad
  • Who are Holding a 401k or IRA.
  • Who want to Reduce current year Tax and maintain Tax deferral on Gains and Income
  • Who desire single entry USA tax reporting
  • Having partners or family members abroad who may leave them money
  • Cross Borders inheritance planning
  • Protecting Assets from USA Tax prior to USA Emigration or Immigration.
  • Incorporating a foreign business in the United States or in a Foreign Country
  • IRS Compliance, IRS Reporting Transparency and IRS Tax Benefits.
  • Needs a foreign account excluded from FFI withholding, PFIC Ruling and from FATCA.
  • Use foreign assets in an estate planning tool without FFI or FATCA issues.
  • Set up a company that is owned by the client without PFIC or FATCA issues.
  • Enter into a cross border license of intellectual property or other intangible products
  • Want to reform an existing offshore trust for Asset Protection and Tax benefit purposes.

Our services are especially beneficial for a FOREIGN COMPANY with dual tax status:

  • A foreign company that wants to open an office in the United States
  • Those who have used in their Estate plan a trust (especially an offshore trust)
  • Who want to structure a tax complaint mobile employee retirement plan to cross USA, EEA, or other borders
  • Use of a controlled foreign corporation

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