BKB Contract Transaction – A New World of Digital Asset Transactions

05 Jun

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2019 / Blockchain industry and digital asset market grew fast from 2017 to 2018, leading to an increasing number of exchanges worldwide up to over 12,000 by now.

BKB Contract Transaction - A New World of Digital Asset Transactions

However, the entire blockchain industry was in a bear market in the second half of 2018, with digital asset market falling and numerous exchanges collapsing. It’s easy to establish an exchange with promotions, users and volume of business, but it’s hard to run for a long time without solid technology, rich experience and a superior operation team who will develop based on technologies, security, business, details and other aspects. Details make a difference.

Binance, ranking top 2 globally, had a highest daily transaction volume of USD 8.5 billion in digital market’s heyday according to data. However, the volume declines as the market does in recent time. The latest data in Mar. 2019 showed that Binance’s daily volume of USD 778 million ranked the third among all volumes. As a top three exchange, Binance’s volume has shrunk to about 1/10, let alone the second-tier and third-tier exchanges.

Fortunately, new digital contract exchanges have emerged while the market is at low tide. On the one hand, these exchanges recognize the development potential of this industry, seize market opportunities and actively participate in competition. On the other hand, they are confident to solve and optimize previous pain points, and serve users in a thoughtful manner. So is BKB.

BKB exchange is a professional contract transaction platform for global digital assets, with full-interface index transaction, perpetual contract transaction and delivery contract transaction services. Various transaction modes in free combination fully meet the needs of users. It also provides programmed encryption interfaces for professional exchanges and digital currency fund.

BKB exchanges also supports the perpetual contract of BTCÐDE to meet diverse transaction demands of investors. In addition, it applies the dual-pricing mechanism where the market price always anchors the spot price to ensure transaction fairness and prevent malicious liquidation. Traders can use its new leverage, which is 20 to 100 times more flexible than others, to adjust and set as needed to easily control investment costs and achieve greater return on investment.



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