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08 Oct

Investment planning

Emotions, not logic and reason, are what typically drive investors in making critical investment planning decisions. That’s according to seasoned wealth advisor Chris White, CFA, author of the new book, Working with the Emotional Advisor: Financial Psychology for Wealth Managers (Praeger, 2016).

A wealth counselor with over 25 years of experience working with affluent and wealthy individuals, couples, and families, White says it’s far more likely that people will make decisions about their investments based on unique emotional responses shaped by their early life experiences, including the “imperfect love” a child received from their parents; childhood events that featured danger, threat or loss; the influence of key authority figures in a young child’s life; family values and culture, and more. These factors all shape the development and growth of an individual’s ‘emotional template.’

A must-read for wealth advisors, financial consultants, certified financial analysts, and retirement advisors, as well as individual investors of any financial means who want to better understand their own emotions as a component of their attitudes about money and investing, please let me know if you’d like to receive a complimentary copy of Working with the Emotional Investor, or would like to schedule in a time to connect with White.

About Chris White, CFA

Chris White, CFA, is a senior investment counselor at Hemenway Trust Company, LLC, a New Hampshire-based wealth management firm. An experienced wealth management advisor and strategist, White has invested on behalf of hundreds of individuals, families, couples and institutions for over 25 years. Through this work, he has developed a keen sense of human nature, and come to understand how human emotions, life experience, and family history (more than rationality) typically drive decisions people make about their money. He is a chartered financial analyst and a member of the CFA Institute, the Boston Security Analysts Society, and the Boston Economics Club. An avid sailor, White lives with his wife in Boston.    

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Working with the Emotional Investor is available for purchase on Amazon, and through other fine booksellers.


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