Fresh Approach to Private Offshore Banking

29 Nov

offshore bankingWhen you imagine private offshore banking it may involve a Swiss bank account or an ultra-secret Cayman private bank account nestled in beachy isolation. But to really achieve that safe haven of wealth that neither law courts nor governments can touch you may need to think outside the box.

Today’s reality is that we are witnessing the erosion of bank secrecy in measured steps. So how do you keep your financial affairs private?

What many investors have difficulty finding is one account that remains confidential irrespective of legal changes beyond their control.

Private bank accounts no longer protected by bank secrecy:

Offshore banks that were previously considered “top-secret” have been forced to give up confidential information on their clients. The Patriot Act ensures that Western governments can monitor every dollar transaction in the world. Swiss banks – no matter how secret, are hamstrung if they conduct any significant offshore banking business under US jurisdiction.

Fortunately there are still legal means to protect your financial affairs to the fullest extent possible. Capital Conservator is at the forefront of designing fully compliant asset protection, trust formation and wealth management solutions.

Capital Conservator’s unique corporate structure has been specifically designed to keep your affairs private. We can help you build a plan to suit you individually – keeping burdensome red-tape to its legal minimum.

For a confidential discussion of your objectives, contact us:

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